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In the Mid-22 Century war rocks the earth. Thirteen thousand people, the lucky few to escape imprisonment by strange genetic hybrids, manage to leave the planet. In the thirteen largest spacecraft ever known to man, they are shot into space to search for a new world to inhabit. Millenniums later they encounter a planet that will sustain them. This planet they call New Earth.

This new planet appears to be the perfect world for humans, bringing peace, wonder and hope to the human race. With an atmosphere very like their long lost homeworld, and many of the same lifeforms humanity has known for countless centuries, the planet serves as a home for the surviving colonists.


Now it is nearly eight-thousand years after the colonization. Humanity has thrived, and carved out a place for themselves among the intelligent species of the universe.

But, all is not well. New threats emerge every day. The human tendency to desire more remains. Alien beings plot and scheme. Technology and magic co-exist, sometimes unchecked and unguided.


It is up to you how this story ends. What will be the fate of humanity and the world. Will magic completely consume everything, wiping out technology forever? Will the powerful exploit the weak? Will an unknown threat from the stars destroy all that humanity has fought for?

Only you can answer these questions.


New Earth is a roleplaying game unlike any other. This wiki allow you the player to flesh out the details of the interactive setting. By joining this site via the Earth Defense Force fanclub, you are able to control the way the setting evolves in an official sense.

General Timeline Space World Species Earth Defense Force Historical Figures