Anzee (homo paniscus)

During the long migration from Terra to New Earth a great change took place among a portion of the animal population of the colony ships. Due to some unexplained reason- be it natural evolution, heightened radiation levels, or undocumented genetic manipulation- the entire chimpanzee population of the ships moved beyond their primitive state. These more highly evolved chimpanzees, dubbed Anzees by the humans, showed signs of heightened intelligence and manual dexterity. Today the anzee are even more advanced than their ancestors on the ships. The typical anzee is slightly taller than an average chimp, with a more erect posture and slightly larger head.










Space Chimp (homo paniscus cosmosus)

Space Chimps are a potential subspecies from a possible future. As such, they may or may not actually exist in the current timeline.

The descendants of the Anzee who are entrusted with the observance of law and order for the CPSDF (Colony Planet and Space Defense Force). Space Chimps are a hardy bunch, much tougher than their previously subservient parent species. Due to generations of war-line veterans and peacekeeping, the Space Chimp subspecies tend to be grouped in one of two ways. There are those who have the muscle mass and tactical skills to survive on multiple worlds with several difficulties that may be faced on those worlds. The other group is the brains that are required for leadership and research on and around those worlds.

Space Chimps range in height between 5'4" and 6'3", with average weights being in the 130 to 190 pound range.

Lifeform Type: Mammal
Average Size: 1.5 meters
Species Type: Humanoid(Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: Heterosexual (Male/Female)
Age Longevity: 16-50 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Anzee
Space Sciences: Manned Interstellar Probes,Planetary Colonization,Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Atomic Level Circuitry,Gravity Control,Repulser Engines
Biological Sciences: Bacteriology,Immunology,Hybridization,Basic Hydroponics,Microsurgery
Physical Sciences: Subspace Radio Theory,Advanced Catalyst Chemistry
Planetary Sciences: Classification of Basic Minerals and Fossils,Basic Geology
Psionics Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Magical Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Social Sciences: Elimination of prejudice
Cultural Organization: Communal living
Cultural Attitude: Acceptance of alike species in most cases, Coexistent with others