Nation Name

Flag: The flag is a rectangle with two uneven vertical stripes of violet and light grey. The emblem is an edible plant and a crescent moon represented in a very stylized way.
Motto: Genius, Diplomacy, Supremacy





The Aria Kinuta is worth a measly one quarter (4 units equals 1 credit) of the value of a Universal Credit.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Selina Sulpicianius (3090-3157) was the first ruler of Aria.

Molly MacDonagh (3158-3200) was the second ruler of Aria and the founder of the Bards of Aria.

Percy Beresford (3242-3270) was the final of the rulers of Aria from the first Bardic Rule.

Lavinia Vergilius (4371-4380) was the first of the new Bardic leaders of Aria.

Moreen Mancinias (4381-Present) is the current ruler of Aria, the second of the new Bardic leaders.


3090 Empire sets up the colony of Aria on one of the nearby islands. Aria immediately severs ties with its parent nation.

3110 Aria discovers how to focus magic through song

3170 Molly MacDonagh founds the Bards of Aria.

3190 Aria sets out campaign of conquests, warring with the surrounding tribes and kingdoms in efforts to expand its borders.

3200 Aria suffers through a civil war when the head of the Bards of Aria dies without naming a successor.

3270 A rebellion in Aria results in the separation of government and the Bards of Aria.

3340 The Bards of Aria are officially recognized by the College of Magical Studies.

3440 Aria experiences a period of decadence.

3460 Aria is again troubled when the leadership dies without naming a successor.

3560 The Cult of the Silenced Tongue rises to prominence in Aria.

3660 Aria suffers from an outbreak of Adruss’s Disease, a disorder that attacks the vocal cords and can result in the total loss of speech.

3750 Aria’s famous Bards become the first organization to employ both magic and psi together.

3850 Aria becomes involved with the Church of the Last Revival.

3930 Aria increases its global political power.

4030 Aria wars with its neighboring nations over land.

4120 The Church of the Last Revival gains power in Aria.

4210 Aria improves on SLSBW technology, creating Light Speed Beam Weapons (LSBW).

4270 The Bards of Aria revolt against governmental laws affecting the Bards.

4350 Aria is decadent.

4370 The Bards of Aria take control of the Arian government.

4432 Lanaa wars with Aria, ending in an invasion.

4437 Aria wars with Okadia.

4443 Aria is invaded by Senoris.

Government Type: Magocracy
Terran Naming Conventions: Irish/Roman
National Language: Shodani
Current Leader: Moreen Mancinias (female)
Major Groups: Bards of Aria
Key Locations: Pennywhistle Point (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Empire, Okadia, Lanaa
Civilization Traits of Aria
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Microcircuits, Advanced Electronics/Computers, Jets, Basic AI
Biological Sciences: Basic Anatomy, Animal Husbandry, Basic Microscopy, Cell Theory, Manufactured Drugs
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Largely Unrecognized, Unknown origins
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: No Accomplishment, individualistic
Cultural Organization: Monarchy
Cultural Attitude: Self preservative and hostile