Having developed early on a deep understanding of psychic and psionic abilities, the Atoxia have developed a communal, democratic, hive-like social structure in which society focuses on the needs of the community while still allowing with astounding aptitude to focus on individual needs as well. The Atoxia call their mental connection The Bind and use this to communicate both locally and world-wide. The very idea of even attempting to coerce another via a mental overwhelming strikes them as atrocious, yet they do not second-guess probing the mind of a suspect for information.


The Atox Dollar trades at a 5 units for one credit conversion rate.


Technically there is no standing Atoxian army. Should trouble arise in any part of the globe, knowledge of the event is soon widespread and eventful altercations consistently end abruptly. Many on Atox study an amalgamated martial art that is akin to a mix of akido, qi gong, and capoeira. With a dedicated force of individuals that can bestow a functional knowledge of this fighting style, anyone that is capable of defending themselves or others can effectively become infantry if they are nearby and conscious.





Government Type: Democracy
Terran Naming Conventions: African/Chinese
National Language: Balagree
Current Leader: Haichaing Muzenda (male)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Banid (capital)
Neighboring Nations: None
Civilization Traits of Atox
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Levers, Pulleys, Houses, Fire Energy, Beasts, Boats
Biological Sciences: Basic Genetics, Microbiology, Nitrogen Cycle, Routine Surgery, Synthetic Drugs
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Gravity Control, Ecological Control and Enforcement
Psionics Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Magical Sciences: Largely Unrecognized, Unknown origins
Social Sciences: Psychoanalysis, Behavior modification
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with equals