Flag: The flag is a fanion (triangle) with seven stripes of gold, sky blue, sea green, white, pale orange, midnight black, and grey. The emblem is a crystal and a fire.
Motto: Industry is Opulence





The nation of Azatlan is still using the credit and has declined to initiate a local currency.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Lucio Abreu (4029-4042) was the 70th leader of Azatlan. He is considered the strongest and most beloved leader in the history of the nation.

Amilcar Geraldes (4315-4382) was the 78th leader of the country.

Sergio Mendes (4383-4432) was the 79th leader of the nation. He is one of the few leaders to still be well thought of, mainly due to his ability to boost the economy of the nation.

Maria Delgado (4433-4436) was the 80th person to lead the country.

Eladio Silva (4437-Present) is the 81st, and current, leader of Azatlan.

Other Individuals of Note

"Mr. Jones" is the codename of a mysterious individual responsible for the current state of the nation. Before his (or her) influence, crime was not as prevalent as it became in the late 44th Century. It was the discovery that much of the nation's criminal enterprise was in some part tied to a single individual that led to the totalitarian rule that the country now has. It is also due to the ties of "Mr. Jones" to Sylvera that has led to the lasting hostility toward that country.


0900 The nation of Azatlan forms.

2600 The nation of Etas forms from an uncontrolled section of Azatlani land.

1900 Azatlan and Corvus war with each other over cultural differences.

3200 Azatlan is hit by a major fire, which destroys over half of the country's rain forests.

3500 Azatlan is torn apart by volcanic and seismic activity. Etas, taking advantage of the chaos, raids Azatlan.

3520 Anirian raiders attack Azatlan. Azatlan, still recovering from the devastation 20 years ago, experiences a resurgence of Ancient Aztec religious practices.

3600 Citizens of Azatlan suffer after a locust swarm nearly destroys the entire food production of the nation.

3610 Azatlan, unable to fully recover from the locusts of 10 years ago, slips into debt and comes close to crumbling.

3670 Azatlan is plagued by locusts again.

3720 Azatlan expands its borders.

3820 Azatlan employs the use of psi-empowered soldiers to fight Great Desert rebels.

3900 Azatlan experiences a war of succession.

3920 Azatlan and Florent experience wars of succession.

3930 Azatlan is devastated by massive volcanic activity.

4030 Azatlan grows in power.

4040 Lucio Abreu leads Azatlan, becoming the strongest leader the country has ever seen.

4080 Azatlan and Kazaad enter into a trade agreement.

4180 Azatlan improves on Near Light Speed Beam Weapons (NLSBW) technology, creating Sub-Light Speed Beam Weapons (SLSBW).

4380 Azatlan is ravaged by a monsoon.

4381 Azatlan's ruler, Amilcar Geraldes, nearly ruins the nation.

4385 Azatlan suffers from an increase in crime.

4386 Azatlani officials discover evidence linking the increase in crime to a mysterious man known only as "Mr. Jones", an investigation follows.

4388 Azatlan citizenry rebel against the police state imposed by the search for Mr. Jones.

4391 Azatlan police forces stifle rebellious youth.

4392 Azatlan wars with Doren.

4395 Sylveran officials block Azatlani access in the investigation for "Mr. Jones".

4396 The Azatlani population rebels against the police state.

4399 D'Gran mutants raid Azatlan.

4403 Azatlan is raided by the Children of the Stars.

4406 Azatlan's failed attempt to negotiate with a tribe of Felinus settlers leads to bloodshed.

4407 Azatlan is conquered by a society of winged serpents, heretofore unknown.

4409 Florent wars with Azatlan.

4412 Azatlan raids the jungle homes of the winged serpents.

4415 Azatlan is hit with an outbreak of an anticoagulant disease, spread by mosquitoes.

4417 Azatlan, Urusa, and Dindraku war with each other.

4419 Azatlan sends troops to Senoris to stir up trouble.

4421 Azatlan suffers from a series of rebellions.

4426 Azatlan's leader Sergio Mendes boosts the nations struggling economy.

4428 Azatlan invades Assaly.

4433 Azatlan suffers under the leadership of Maria Delgado.

4435 Azatlan is torn apart by a civil war.

4440 Azatlan wars with Florent.

Government Type: Autocracy
Terran Naming Conventions: Spanish/Portuguese
National Language: Azteka
Current Leader: Eladio Silva (male)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Chitople (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Florent, Dir'Akul, Corech, Etas, Columbius
Civilization Traits of Azatlan
Space Sciences: Basic Astrogation (Space Physics)
Engineering Sciences Air Conditioning, Transistors, Heavy Machinery, Airplanes, Basic Computers
Biological Sciences: Bacteriology, Immunology, Hybridization, Basic Hydroponics, Microsurgery
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Rudimentary Education Given To Gifted
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Psychological theories of other races
Cultural Organization: Monarchy
Cultural Attitude: Acceptance and inclusion of all warring and peaceful.