With the adoption of a universal currency came great increases in corporate power. As identity was more and more tied with financial status, corporations began to gain ownership over their employees' very lives. Some corporations became so powerful as to almost be considered nations of their own, with their own law to govern their "citizens". The Great Collapse solved much of the "corporate situation" by erasing, or otherwise altering, the accounts of nearly everyone alive. The aftermath of the corporate collapses that ensued was a time of radical change for those caught in the middle. Executives were forced to face those they once ruled over, while those low in the corporate pecking order were allowed to feel the freedom they so long craved. Soon most corporations were reduced to facing the harsh reality: change with the times, or fall to the waves of progress. Many chose to die fighting. Of those that remained, only the most innovative prospered.

However, these changes were not to last. Within the last couple of year a new breed of corporation has been growing. These new corporations have been taking lessons from the old nation-corps. But, the new generation is less blatant about their control. Employees are still treated with the level of respect and dignity all expect. Instead, the new corps are using their wealth to buy favors among the power groups of the world. It has become a matter of "How much will it cost for you to look the other way on my law breaking?" Because of this, many corporations that would have been unable to turn a profit under normal circumstances are instead becoming globe spanning megacorproations.

Major Corporations


"Computers For Those Who Know Computing." That's the motto of Alcee Computers. They specialize in selling not computers, but parts of computers. For those who truly know what they want in a computer, and don't mind the extra work of having to construct it themselves, Alcee provides just what is needed. From the cases to hold the computer's innards to every little microchip and motherboard needed to run the thing. If it can be attached to a computer somehow, Alcee sells it. While much of what they provide is unique, custom built parts, there is a lesser subsidiary of the company that specializes in salvaged computer parts at discounted prices.


The primary manufacturer of aquatic vehicles in the world. Atlantic spans the entirety of the field. They deal in not only personal transportation (such as houseboats and yachts), but also in commercial transports (ferries and ocean liners) and recreational vehicles (jet-skis and motorboats). While they are considered the dominant company among the mid-level corporations, they are not a widely successful enterprise. As the majority of aquatics is military in application, and Atlantic does not hold one of the few major military contracts, this is not a business of high returns.

Aztech Industries

In the business world there are two kinds of companies. Aztech Industries, and everyone else. Arguably the largest corporation in the world, and by far the most successful, Aztech has a stake in nearly every market conceivable. With offices in every major city in the world and factories providing nearly 20% of the world's jobs, it is obvious the power Aztech wields.

The Aztech brand name is primarily applied to vehicles, personal armaments, and medical technologies. Their cars, hovercraft, power armor and (for the more obscure tastes) mecha are among the best available to the general public. The firearms and energy weapons they produce are known for accuracy and durability. The cybernetic and bionic devices are of the highest quality. Granted, if you buy Aztech, you are paying quite a bit more for it.

A couple facets of the company that many are not aware of are their experimental labs and military weapons contracts. While the exclusive military contracts are no big deal, the lab work could be considered a bit shady. The current line of experimentation is in the field of genetics. The exact nature of these experiments is unknown to all but the highest level of Aztech leadership.


Known as the environmentalist's vehicle manufacturer, Beems is known for their use of alternate energy sources. Focusing mostly on solar powered cars and hovercraft, electric motorcycles, and a very unique hydro-electric series of boats, Beems vehicles all share the common factor of not using fusion or combustion engines. The clean running vehicles put out by this company have been gaining popularity in recent years, with the rebuilding form the Collapse picking up and the general fear of a looming energy crisis. The main limiting factor is the low top speed and acceleration rate.


The Bloodtide gang is a recent addition to the corporate world. Originally a minor gang in a moderately important port town, the gang began to gain influence when one of the major Corvan crime families found an interest in them. Soon after the infiltration of the gang by organized crime, they began to expand their power base. This led to a small representation in Riverton, the world's economic center. Led by a young man named Phoenix Lancer, the Bloodtide gang prospered in the larger city.

Eventually, Phoenix discovered the power behind the gang. He severed the Riverton Bloodtide from the rest of the gang, drawing the ire of the controlling criminal organization. Miraculously, he was able to keep the gang together and resist all attempts to eliminate him. After a few years, Phoenix was able to take on the original gang in a bid for leadership of the entire thing.

Three years later, and Phoenix Lancer still controls the Bloodtide gang. These days, they are less of a criminal street gang and more a group of highly proficient mercenaries. They excel at street level urban work. Frequently called upon to provide protection from organized crime, their preferred job, the Bloodtide have proven time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Brown & Keets

The premier weapons manufacturer in the world. Founded by Nicholas Brown and Martin Keets near the end of the Second Empire. Control of this company has remained in the family lines of both families to the present day. This company made such exceptional firearms from the beginning that they were the official outfitters of the Imperial Army. Since that time, most major national leaders have contracted to have a Brown & Keets made for their most trusted warriors. The Brown & Keets trademark is a light, powerful firearm or energy weapon. While the level of quality is still held to the highest standards, the craftsmanship in the modern day mass-produced models is slightly lacking. Additionally, many of the secrets behind the more unique flourishes and features of an original Brown & Keets have been lost to time. Regardless, Brown & Keets still stands for quality weaponry.

Within the last 50 years, the company has expanded their interests into armor as well. In a unique bit of irony, the only weapons a Brown & Keets set of personal armor seems to be less effective against…is a Brown & Keets.


Calixtas holds a unique place among the major corporations They are the only one with no direct competitors. While other corporations, major and minor, have to work hard to keep ahead of the competition, Calixtas has carved a niche for themselves that none has dared to challenge.

The company exists solely to manufacture high tech equivalents of ancient melee weapons. Energy blades, chain swords, vibrational maces, and other patently unusual weapons are the bread and butter of this company. While there have been a few attempts by smaller corporations to join the market, none have the quality that a Calixtas weapon does. These products are of the same high quality that an Aztech or Brown & Keets weapon would have, but with more limited range and much lower pricing.


A rarity among the bigger corporations of the world, D'Argent has spread a wide net across the market. With product in nearly every field possible, they have made a name for themselves as the place to get the best value for your credits. Admittedly not as high quality as the products of Aztech or Starbrite, or any of the other majors, D'Argent products are affordable to all but the most destitute of people.

The D'Argent business model has three main focuses. Transportation, Personal Protection, and Medical technologies. On the transportation end there are cars, hovercraft, motorcycles, and aquatic transportation. Along the lines of personal protection they focus on personal firearms and energy weapons, making the claim that the best defense is a good offense. Their medical technologies run along the lines of discount priced cybernetics.

The most unique aspect of D'Argent is their approach to sales. instead of selling through various outlets, they have set up a worldwide chain of discount stores. With hundreds of thousands of locations spread throughout the world, with representation in nearly every major city and small town, D'Argent is a readily recognized name in most households.

Dirty 11

The Dirty Eleven Strike Force are an elite group of mercenaries who hire themselves out to the highest bidder. Each member of this eleven man team specializes in a specific area, providing a well rounded and functional team. The members of this group all use codenames and wear their full equipment whenever engaged in any aspect of their contract. For this reason, their true identities are a complete mystery to anyone outside of the group. As the Dirty Eleven Strike Force has been active for a number of years, and many of their contracts have been rather dangerous, it is safe to assume new members are integrated into the team without major fanfare or outside notice.


The DSG-N8 program is a leftover from the Second Empire of Man. Originally this was the official Imperial cybernetics program. In the years following the fall of the Empire, the program continued its work. Though funding was sparse, the research managed to continue on. Many breakthroughs were made, and the DSG-N8 program ended up finding a way to sell their results to interested parties, all to help fund more research.

It is only since the Great Collapse that this group has managed to really come into its own. With the loss of technology worldwide, and the general chaos that followed, DSG-N8 managed to keep a good hold on their assets. The realization that many of the innovations made by this group were still viable and in demand caused a change in the leadership of the project. Instead of just researching for the sake of research, they have announced themselves to the world market as a cybernetics manufacturer. The results have to date been positive.

Far Reach Enterprises

A specialist in the field of vehicles. Far Reach makes transportation for the wealthy collector. Ranging from land vehicles like cars and motorcycles to aquatic vehicles and submersibles, from jets to spacecraft, there is little in the way of vehicular transportation that Far Reach does not cover. Where they differ from the rest is in the artistry they put into their work. While other companies use automated assembly lines to mass produce their products, Far Reach has everything assembled by hand. Each vehicle put out by this corporation is unique unto itself, custom made for the buyer. As such, a Far Reach vehicle is the true sign of wealth, and what most entrepreneurs aspire toward.


HumNer builds cars. Big cars. Their vehicles are powerful, sturdy, and get some of the worst gas mileage around. They are currently in a ride in popularity due to the wonderful protection they provide drivers. In the modern day. with a rise in violence and the after effects of the Collapse still being felt, having a car that can withstand gunfire as well as a full collision with any standard civilian vehicle provides many with the security they desire. Truly, HumNer vehicles are the safest on the planet.


The only car manufacturer to give up on the market to focus on hover-vehicles instead of the standard wheeled models. Icominic cars where never particularly popular, though they were efficient and reliable. After years of falling profits, the board of directors decided to take a new approach. With hover technology having grown to the state of viability, they decided to reconfigure their upcoming car models for hover capability. The change seems to be working so far, with sales rising at a slow but steady rate.


The Infernos Project was created decades ago to explore the ramifications of genetic manipulation on animals. The results of this initial experimentation have since been expanded upon to create a unique niche market. Where other's who have entered the bionics/genetics market have focused on the human side of things, Infernos has stayed with animal subjects. The result has been impressive. With products ranging from gene-geneered bacteria used to clean delicate items to the popular Perfect Pet (currently in the Epsilon generation run), Infernos has managed to open up the genetic marketplace to a widespread customer base, while not directly competing with the other large corporations. Despite their success, however, the company does still have a lot of negative publicity from those who resist tampering with the natural order.

Iron Fleet

The only company, outside of the definite masters of the corporate world (Aztech and Starbrite), to deal in power armor and mecha. Iron Fleet works mainly as a supply house for mercenaries and less savory elements of society. As most people have little to no use for a mechanized robotic vehicle or a set of armor with motorized servos to enhance performance, the market for Iron Fleet products is quite limited. This is not to say the company as a whole condones the uses its products have seen. The corporate heads just realize that to stay in business, they have to be less discriminating in their client base. Many in the company hope to one day have a legitimate use for their product, so they can hit a more mainstream market without losing their focus.


I-Tel Computers is the largest manufacturer of computing systems in the world. They specialize in the mini-computers found in most household appliances. Even objects that many do not think of as having computer systems, such as automated doors and phones, are likely to contain I-Tel components. While not their main focus, it is not unheard of for I-Tel computers to be purchased by individuals for use as personal computers. Much of the quality that I-Tel systems are known for is due in large part to the use of bartered alien technology. They hybrid synergy of human and alien technologies working together has proven to be very useful for this company.

Recently, they have begun making attempts to break into the cybernetics market as well. As cybernetic devices require computing systems as well, I-Tel would initially seem to be the perfect match for the technology. However, cybernetics require an alternate style of computing than other items. I-Tel have found the transition less smooth than anticipated.

Majors Research

Majors Research is the most prominent company to deal with genetics and bionics in the world. While there are other companies (like Aztech and Starbrite) who are dabbling in the fields, as well as other companies (like Infernos) which deal mainly with the fields, only Majors tackles the controversial field of human genetic development. Their main field of work, the one that brings in the money to keep the company going, is in bionic implants. Nearly 90% of all bionic replacement limbs used today are produced by Majors or one of its subsidiaries. The few implants not created by Majors are just as likely to be Majors Research knock-offs.

The flip side of the majors research coin is in genetics. The less lucrative( so far) projects deal in altering human genetics for a variety of reasons. Some of the applications currently in use are enhancement of humans, alteration and "perfection" of select embryos, subspecies conversion (i.e. human to squatter, orbiter to human, squatter to orbiter, etc.) There are also several developments being made in the area of human/non0human hybrid genes.


One of the leading producers of firearms for the world market. Malice manufacturers and sells primarily handguns, though they have been known to release the occasional rifle or automatic weapon. Weapons produced by Malice are known mostly for the higher power behind their firing, providing more damage than an average weapon of the same make. For this reason, many governments have placed controls or outright bans on Malice weaponry.

Manifest Destiny

With a name like Manifest Destiny, it is no surprise that this company deals directly with space transportation and exploration. The main rival of the up-and-coming McLean & Young, Manifest Destiny doesn't just focus on the manufacture of the vehicles themselves, but with all aspects of the exploration process.

McLean & Young

Originally a simple trading house, dealing mainly with playing the middleman to other important companies, McLean & Young has undergone a major shift in direction over the last 3 years. When the original owner and CEO died, leaving the business to his only son, the company called in on some of the favors and contact it had established to begin manufacturing spacecraft. Many expected this new venture to fail, possibly even bankrupting the company. instead, the new CEO managed to bring new innovations to the field of aeronautics. During this time, he also managed to build a reputation as being more than just a little eccentric. Currently, the corporation is financing their CEO's expedition into the Reaches, and whatever may lay beyond the vast region of empty, starless space.

Minoru Enterprises

A small fish in a big pond. That is the best way to describe Minoru Enterprises. The latest company to become considered one of the "big boys," they are still new at the business. While the founder and CEO, Hamaguchi Minoru, has shown to be a marketing genius, many feel he his spreading himself too thin.

Unlike many of its competitors (with the natural exception of Aztech and Starbrite), Minoru Enterprises has chosen give up on a focused product to hit a number of markets. They are known to deal in firearms and energy weapons, body armors, and small vehicles for land and sea. All these markets have so far proven lucrative as shown by the sudden rise to prominence by the corporation. However, many economists have pointed out the fickle nature of the market. The bottom is likely to fall out from underneath Minoru.

Until that time, the company is content to do what they do best.


The organization known as the Mythknights are an oddity. They are technically a "mercenary" group, but not nearly as concerned with credits as most. The Mythknights are known to turn down jobs that conflict with their code of conduct in favor of jobs that do not, but may not pay as well. They are also known for their distinctive method of dress, wearing body armor patterned after archaic armor worn by ancient Terran knights. This armor is generally decorated with the motif of some form of mythological animal (such as unicorns, phoenix, or gryphons to name a few). Tying in with the armor are the Mythknights' choice of melee weapons (usually enhanced to fit the armor motif selected) over firearms and the like.

The Mythknight code of conduct is very simple. Do no wrong. What this means is greatly debated, even among the Mythknights themselves. Most take the stance that doing no wrong means not taking a job that would conflict with the laws of the local government. Others see it as a more moral area, meaning that one not perform actions that infringe on the moral liberties of others. Generally, the virtues most admired among the group are strength, compassion, courage, and wisdom.

Nightbane Mercenary Relations

Nightbane Mercenary Relations isn't a group of mercenaries so much as a sort of mercenary temp agency. The regular employees of this company are not the mercs sent out to perform missions. Instead, they are a group of secretaries, phone jockeys, and managers. They take incoming jobs, sort them by skills required and danger level, and then gather the necessary personnel from freelancers on file who are most qualified to complete the contract. All mercenaries on file are given jobs most in line with their skill sets and prior performance. All payment offered is split evenly between all mercenaries involved, after Nightbane takes their cut. For the most part, this has proven to be a profitable business model, and one that has not yet been copied. Recent talk among the board of directors for the company has brought up to idea of hiring staff trainers to allow the freelancers the opportunity to pick up some new and useful skills.

Perfect Shot

As the name implies, Perfect Shot is a company in the field of weapons production. They create both firearms and energy weapons. Their weapons are very precise, with a much better balance and accuracy than other manufacturers. They are more famous for their rifles and other longer distance weapons, as opposed to their handguns. This seems to be mostly because the average firearm user does not notice the increased accuracy at shorter ranges, but find the difference quite apparent at longer distances. As Perfect Shot weaponry tends to have a slightly higher price, this makes their handguns moderately less appealing.

Shadow Enforcers

This group of mercenaries are the most feared in the corporate world. They focus mainly on corporate black ops, targeting the research and development divisions of the companies they are hired to hit. The aftermath of a Shadow Enforcer attack is not a sight many CEOs can handle. They leave a wake of destruction, lost lives, and millions of credits worth of lost profit.

Even more frightening than their efficiency is the way one hires the Shadow Enforcers. You don't call them, they call you. When a job needs done, and the Shadow Enforcers are available, a representative of the group will approach a representative of the company requiring aid. It is understood that if the Shadow Enforcers come to you, you will hire them. Those who have not done so, or who have failed to pay the requested amount have found the wrath of the group aimed at them. Needless to say, few turn down the aid of this band of mercenaries.

Spherical Systems

An oddity among the major corporations, Spherical Systems does very little in the main consumer market. Instead, they focus on military-grade weapons, armor, and cybernetics. Being one of the only major contenders in the military contracts market, and the only one that does not compete outside of this market, Spherical Systems is in a unique position. They are able to focus on their military endeavors, without the distraction of outside projects. When they find a need for money, the company simply sells off old, outdated equipment the militaries of the world no longer use. Even with a few years between the initial production of a piece of equipment, and the improvements made since that time, much of what they put out is beyond standard civilian fare. Spherical made armor and energy weapons are highly sought by collectors.

Starbrite Inc.

The only corporation that can be considered a threat to Aztech industries in the slightest. Also the only company to cover nearly every market, Starbrite is a perfect example of how to run a business. In addition to their wide range of products, with high quality and moderate prices, Starbrite is known for their charity. Every year, they donate millions of credits to charities worldwide. They are also famous for their incredible work conditions and benefits packages for employees. It is said that to get a job with Starbrite Inc. is to pave the way for your children's future as well as your own.

Starbrite produces a large range of products. Among the transportation market they cover cars, hovercraft, power armor, mecha, and motorcycles. Their vehicles are known to run efficiently, if a bit less flashy than other corporations. In the computer market, Starbrite machines are ranked third of the top four. They produce firearms and energy weapons of average quality, but larger than average ammunition loads. They also craft fine, custom armors for a high cost, mainly purchased by those who have money to spare and a lot of enemies.

As the second largest company on the planet, Starbrite has many side projects in the works. One such development is the tentative research into genetics and bionics Already they have found a way to graft biological implants from non-human genetic material to willing humans. This ties in with their other, most recent, side project. Starbrite is one of the three corporations to have been granted an exclusive military weapons and research contract. This, combined with their advances in genetics and bionics, is likely to create a major stir in the corporate world in years to come.

Strike Force Five

This group of mercenaries was once a part of Aztech Industries, as a sort of internal/external task force. The exact nature of their original employment, or the reason for the current situation of autonomy is unknown. Whatever the reasons, Strike Force Five is no longer under the employ of Aztech. They currently work as a standard mercenary group, hiring themselves out for whatever jobs need doing. They seem willing and able to do nearly any job one would have need of mercenaries for. The only rule the group seems to have is they will not work for Aztech or Starbrite. The former for obvious reasons, the latter for more obscure ones.

Tech Web

Claiming to be a group of time travelers from the future, Tech Web sure seem capable of proving it. They have a great deal of knowledge of current events, and have more than a few times show up at the location of a potentially hostile situation well before the event happens. Add in the unusual amount of high tech devices, some beyond the capabilities of anything seen before (even counting the pre-Collapse days of technological achievement), and it is not hard to understand why some believe the time traveler story. The part of the story that seems unclear is how the members of Tech Web managed to travel back in time, why they are here, why more time travelers have not appeared, and (most importantly) why they seem incapable of returning to their own time.

The Vanst Society

The history of the Vanst Society leads back to a single man. Vanst (no last name) doesn't remember much of his past. He knows he was young when he was diagnosed with Adruss's Disease. The surgery that saved his life took his voice. After that, much is hazy. He knows he once had parents, but does not remember exactly what happened to them. He does know that he was found, and trained, by what he was led to believe were elves. he became an assassin and freelance mercenary. All of his jobs were directly tied to his hatred of alien life (another mysterious leftover from his life before the haze).

When he found out that the very people who trained him were not elves, but a small group of the alien D'torr, he was devastated. Even his own trainers, his surrogate family, were not to be trusted. This is when he decided that he had to do something.

Five years later, the result can be seen in the Society. This group of mercenaries hire themselves out for nearly any job too ugly to be handled alone. nations, corporations, individuals…all are given equal access to the services of this group. They specialize in the more illegal forms of work. Breaking and entering, espionage, assassination, and other shady practices are common jobs they have been known to take. The only qualifier is that the job must deal with protecting humanity from outside threats. The Vanst Society does not work for non-humans, or non-human sympathizers

Tremark-Callos Enterprises

Tremark-Callos produce both firearms and personal body armor to protect against firearms. One of the few companies to see the mad genius behind marketing products for both ends of the market, they are also the most successful. A Tremark-Callos weapon is generally more durable and sturdy than those of other manufacturers, able to stand up to a bit more punishment than normal. Some firearms put out by this company have even stood up against the full force of an attack from a melee weapon. Tremark-Callos armor is likewise of superior quality, though more able to take ranged weapons fire than melee attacks.

Triskelion Computing

In many ways a brother company to Alcee, Triskelion Computing also deals in the market of custom computers. The difference is that, where Alcee sells custom built parts for you to construct your own computer, Triskelion takes existing parts and custom builds a computer to order. This does mean the machines available from Triskelion are limited in capacity to what parts are readily available to the general market. The up side of this is that someone with knowledge of what they want in a computer, but none of the skills needed to build it, can get a custom built computer at a reasonable price.


The premier manufacturer of family cars and inexpensive urban personal transportation. Very little can be said about this uninteresting company aside from the fact that they are so normal it is abnormal. Their recent forays into motorcycles and related transportation was a bit of a departure from their family-friendly image, but has not proven to be anything extraordinary.


Mostly an armor manufacturer, X-10 brand body armor and vehicular plating is known for being some of the strongest on the market. Through a process that is held top secret, and protected greatly, the company is able to produce armors that are lightweight and durable. One test involved shooting high powered weaponry against a standard X-10 chestplate. The worst damage the armor took was some denting, even when armor piercing rounds were used. This is not to say that X-10 armor is impenetrable, but it is damned near close.

The company is also famed for creating an alloy that not only withstands energy attacks of nearly all kinds, it actually absorbs the energy aimed at it and deflects it. Recent prototypes have been created using this alloy in energy weaponry. The aim is to use the absorption and deflection to the advantage of the user, sending attacks back at their source. The testing has not turned out any successes as of yet, but are showing promise nonetheless.

Z. Bright

A unique company among unique companies. Z. Bright specializes mostly in firearms and energy weapons, known for a higher rate of fire and extended ammunition capacity. Their weapons are usually more flashy in design than other weapons of similar make, with lights or decorative flourishes added to the weapon. As such, their weapons are more popular among youth culture than serious weapons enthusiasts and professionals. This does not mean a Z. Bright weapon will not find its way into the use of someone in a more professional field of weapons use, simply that they are not the first choice.

The company also manufacturers body armors in a variety of styles. Their armors tend to be of slightly lower usefulness (and therefore cost), but come in a nearly limitless variety of styles and colors for the fashion conscious consumer.

The final branch of the company is concerned with the production of cybernetics. As with the other products they sell, these cybernetics are less function and more form. They are more flashy than normal, and sometimes have unique personalization added in for extra cost. An interesting side venture, which is debatedly not fully legal, is the incorporation of Z. Bright weapons into their cybernetic limbs. Many legal cases dealing with the legality of this procedure have been more common in recent years. No definitive ruling has been made yet.