Flag: The flag is a rectangle with two stripes of fiery red and crimson. The emblem is a waterfall and a river.
Motto: Strength from Passion

Possibly the most powerful nation in the entire world. A democratically elected official runs Corvus, with a new president elected every 5 years. In addition to the president, the Corvan government is made up of an elected body of representatives from each of the Corvan territories, protectorates, and colonies. Currently Corvus is in the process of recovering from a recent civil war.

Corvus is the melting pot of the world. Literally any combination of ethnicities can be found here. White, brown, red, black…even green and blue skin can be found here. The same can be said for hair and eyes. Likewise, the clothing styles of Corvus are very eclectic and varied. Corvus really is the most diverse nation in the world.

Corvus is one of the most important nations in the world, for the simple fact that it is the home to Riverton. This city, built at the junction of three rivers, is the commerce capital of the world. In addition to one of the busiest ports in the world, Riverton also has a bustling airport and interplanetary spaceport. The city houses the headquarters of two of the most influential corporations in the world – Aztech Industries and Starbrite Inc. – as well as major facilities of the other most powerful corporations. Even the two most widespread organized crime families in the world call Riverton their base of operations. This one city accounts for 70% of the world’s commerce, which places Corvus well above all other nations for economic power.

Corvus has a long standing rivalry with Empire. Where Corvus stands for freedom and democracy, the government of Empire is one of totalitarian rule and complete control of its citizenry. This does not sit well in the minds of the Corvan government. It is an unspoken agreement among the political parties of the nation that no matter who is currently leading the country, they will battle the oppression of Empire's government.




The Dollar is used in Corvus, a nation with a very rich economy. It trades at 1 local unit for 6 credits.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Daniel Appleton (3924-3939) was the 131st president of the nation, largely thought of as an ineffectual leader. 3940-3955

George Abraham (4396-4399) was the 153rd president of the nation, and the first to be impeached.

Gilbert Corbett (4399-4411) was the 154th president, remembered as more of a figurehead than a leader.

Marcus Blackwell (4412-4427) was the 155th president, remembered as a tyrant who worked to limit the freedoms of the population in favor of more governmental controls.

Franklin Thompson (4428-4451) is the 156th, and current, president of the nation.

Military Heroes (alphabetically)

Nelson Lee was a great general famous for his attack on Anij.


0900 Corvus forms

1900 Azatlan and Corvus war with each other over cultural differences. The State of Orita secedes from the nation of Corvus

2700 The College of Magical Studies opens its doors in Corvus.

3480 Nelson Lee leads an invasion of Anij from Corvus.

3500 Dark Ryder averts a natural cataclysm in Corvus.

3530 The Kingdom of Intin takes over a small portion of Corvus, founding a new nation.

3550 Corvus enters into a period of decadence.

3620 Goblinoids discovered in Corvus.

3710 Corvus is overrun by a death cult.

3770 Corvan citizens contract the nanovirus in near epic proportions.

3850 Corvan rebels succeed in taking over the government for a month before they are ousted.

3930 Daniel Appleton's poor leadership decisions nearly ruin Corvus.

3940 Corvus is scandalized when the United Confederation of Free States begins investigating for indications of breaches of the Leonid Convention, an international law regarding the use of magic in wars.

4010 Faculty at the Corvan College of Magical Studies discover a rising number of living myths.

4180 Majij looks to Corvus with plans of conquest.

4200 Corvus and Vasy expand their borders.

4250 Corvus is hit by increased seismic activity.

4350 Corvus prospers.

4390 Corvus temporarily falls to a Pasia army.

4399 Corvan president George Abraham impeached.

4405 Corvus wars with Shodan.

4406 Relations between Corvus and Majij deteriorate.

4411 Corvus is poorly lead by Gilbert Corbett.

4415 Corvus is attacked by trolls.

4420 Corvus is struck by hurricanes.

4421 Corvus suffers due to poor presidential desicions made by Marcus Blackwell.

4422 Corvus wars with Empire.

4423 Corvus suffers from internal wars.

4428 Corvan/Empire war escalates

4431 Corvus is devastated by an outbreak of the Siloquin Twitching Disease.

4435 Nearly 3 years after the Great Collapse caused the loss of the majority of the world's technology, chaos sets in. Columbius, Corvus, Ewlet, and Lyonn raid neighboring countries.

4438 Corvus has a civil war.

4442 Corvus rebels attack the capital.

Government Type: Democracy
Terran Naming Conventions: American/British
National Language: Corvan
Current Leader: Franklin Thompson (male)
Major Groups: Agostinelli Crime Family, Tortelli Crime Family, Aztech Industries, Starbrite Inc, I-Tel, The Seven Parties (Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, New Communist, Labor, Revolutionary, Explorer)
Key Locations: Corvalis (capital), Riverton
Neighboring Nations: Ewlet, Seker, Fummo, Doren, Worit, Inean Refuge, Tripon, Pasia, Enlabu, Lapisin, Veran Wi-Dria
Civilization Traits of Corvus
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines, Roads, Blimps, Skyscrapers
Biological Sciences: Gene Surgery, Bionics and Organ Transplants, Food Synthesis
Physical Sciences: Atomic Fission, Microwave Theory, Electron Microscopy
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Rudimentary Education Given To Gifted
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Psychological theories of other races
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Dominating for controlled peace