D'Torr (sicarius nobilis nobilis)

The d'torr are a uniquely talented species. While the species as a whole seems incapable of weilding magic, they make up for this with thier unnatural abilities. They are incredibly long lived, to the point where their actual lifespan is currently unknown (but guessed to be in the thousands of years). The d'torr live so long, they measure the passage of time through events instead of using a standard calendar. They are also unusually thin for thier height, but more strong and tough than their slight frame would indicate. What makes the d'torr so impressive, however, is thier knack for camoflauge and concealment. A d'torr can blend into nearly any environment, and typically has a number of weapons hidden on their person (disguised as mundane items and clothing).










Kuryn (sicarius nobilis sanguin)

quick, night vision, red looking eyes, UV sight, small, pointed ears, fangs, claws, carnivorous, d'torr subspecies

Lifeform Type: Gaseous
Average Size: 2.2 meters
Species Type: Humanoid (Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: Non sexual/Autosexual (Mitosis)
Age Longevity: Unlimited/Immortal
Civilization Traits of the D'Torr
Space Sciences: Sub-Light Speed Drive (SLS Drive)/Light Speed Drive, Advanced Astrogation
Engineering Sciences Air Conditioning, Transistors, Heavy Machinery, Airplanes, Basic Computers
Biological Sciences: Portable Medscanners, cloning, Basic Tissue Regeneration, Cryonics
Physical Sciences: No Accomplishment, Fire Building
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Populous cultivation, Basic training for all
Magical Sciences: No Accomplishment
Social Sciences: Elimination of prejudice
Cultural Organization: Early-Tribal
Cultural Attitude: No Accomplishment, xenophobic, reclusive