Flag: The flag is a rectangle with two vertical stripes of dark red and dark yellow, and a diagonal bar of bright scarlet from left to right. The emblem is a stallion and a human head made of simple shapes.
Motto: Obedience is Control

An imperialistic and tyrannical nation claiming to be the true heir to the Second Empire of Man. Ruled for the last 55 years by the un-aging Victor Asmodeus, Empire has been behind countless attempts to undermine the UCFS and form the world into a new Third Empire of Man. Finally joined the UCFS eleven years ago. Empire is currently under careful watch by the UCFS for human rights violations and conspiracy to sabotage the UCFS.

The current government is comprised of the following people: Emperor Victor Asmodeus, Minister of Defense Karl Voigt, Minister of Information Joseph Brecht, Minister of Production Bernard Zeitler, Minister of Control Greta Ottmar, and Commissar of the White Guard Wolf Erichson

Empire is predominantly a Caucasian nation. Any natural hair or eye color can be found among its population. While the most common ethnicity is Caucasian, other ethnicities can be found. However, the non-Caucasian citizens of the nation are frequently not given the same treatment as those of fairer complexion. It is a sad fact that there is a definite – if unofficial – caste system in place, based off of ethnicity. Clothing in Empire is fairly bland and uninteresting. Outside of the ruling elite and White Guard, most citizens wear the same style of jumpsuit in blue or brown. Certain professions, such as the police force or those which require special protective gear, will have slight changes to the standard outfit. The White Guard wear military uniforms similar to those of other nations, but in absolute white. The rulers of Empire have the most unique styles of dress, each wearing something unique and distinctive. It is a sign of worth to have the right to wear clothing other than the standard jumpsuit.




The Imperial Dollar is the standard form of currency in Empire. It is worth three times the standard value of the Universal Credit (trading at a 1 credit for 3 units ratio).






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

George Chambers (3414-3491) was the 49th leader of Empire. He is famous for having been one of the worst leaders in the history of the nation.

Trevor Nierhaus (4119-4225) was the 64th leader of Empire.

Conrad Fauser (4238-4309) was the 66th leader of Empire.

Victor Asmodeus (4390-Present) is the 68th and present ruler of Empire.


0900 The nation of Empire forms.

1900 Empire and Kelshland are nearly destroyed when an experimental bomb is detonated in the Holerian Ocean.

2300 Empire is hit by a tsunami, leaving much of the island nation in ruins.

2800 Empire experiences a golden age

3000 Ley lines are discovered originating from Empire. Imperial government denies existence of magic.

3040 Empire prospers from the energy their ley lines provide. Official reports from Empire state the energy is a new, experimental source of power.

3090 Empire sets up the colony of Aria on one of the nearby islands. Aria immediately severs ties with its parent nation.

3150 One of the islands that make up Empire is invaded, becoming the nation of Krytas.

3170 Krytas wars with Empire in an attempt to expand its borders.

3180 Empire is hit by a devastating hurricane.

3240 Empire is seized by a massive rebellion, which is eventually dealt with.

3320 Empire prospers off of the labor if its citizens, yet still ranks as the country with the worst living conditions.

3390 Empire colonizes the island of Laban. Laban severs ties with Empire.

3450 A rebellion occurs in Empire, the people responsible are found and publicly executed.

3470 A war with Empire ends with the creation of the country of Ramagin.

3490 Empire is nearly destroyed by the poor leadership of George Chambers.

3540 The citizens of Empire attempt to rebel, but the rebellion is quashed.

3600 Krytas crumbles under the iron will of Empire's Army.

3610 Empire enters a trade agreement with the Greys, trading Grey technology for Empire "volunteers".

3690 Empire suppresses a sect of druidic fundamentalists.

3730 Wraku'Gi-ni and Empire crusade against the abuses of freedom.

3830 Empire is subject to a war of succession.

3920 Empire is investigated by the United Confederation of Free States for possible human rights violations.

4020 The Church of the Last Revival establishes itself in Empire.

4030 Empire and Le Grande Marche form a trade alliance.

4040 The people of Le Grande Marche revolt over the trade alliance with Empire. Empire attempts to conquer Le Grande Marche after the trade alliance ends.

4090 Empire and the Inean Refuge send colonists through the wormhole between the twin suns.

4130 Empire invents a device to monitor the thoughts of citizens, resulting in and increase in arrests and a decrease in crime.

4180 Trevor Nierhaus leads Empire through a state of great power and influence.

4200 Citizens of Empire attempt to rebel.

4300 Empire suffers from the poor decisions made by their leader, Conrad Fauser.

4370 The death of Empire's iron fisted ruler prompts a civil war to determine the new leadership.

4380 Empire attempts to invade surrounding nations, and fails.

4390 The old government in Empire is overthrown in a revolution. Equerad's slow decline into destruction ends when Empire annexes the dying nation.

4395 Empire recovers from difficult times thanks to the efforts and leadership of Victor Asmodeus.

4398 Empire is attacked by what appear to be angels.

4402 Empire is raided by the Technoids.

4408 Empire attempts to invade Okadia.

4410 Empire is overrun with mutants.

4413 Empire and Okadia begin a rivalry over technological advances.

4416 Empire is raided by a band of masked marauders, who are later revealed as a group of freedom fighters within the country.

4418 Empire invades a small island off their coast, ousting the freedom fighters that had been sheltering there.

4422 Corvus wars with Empire.

4423 Empire is struck by a tsunami.

4428 The Corvan/Empire war escalates.

4430 D'Gran attacks Empire.

4431 Empire's inner circle argue, prompting a civil war.

4433 Empire barely prevents a rebellion.

4439 Empire finally joins the United Confederation of Free States.

4440 The Isles of Hexane discover that Le Grande Marche has supported Empire's human rights violations for years. Oria uncovers a document from Empire detailing a plan to destroy the United Confederation of Free States. Bryant wars with Empire.

Government Type: Dictatorship
Terran Naming Conventions: British
National Language: Goodspeak
Current Leader: Victor Asmodeus (male)
Major Groups: White Guard, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Production, Ministry of Control
Key Locations: Goodtown (capital), Turris de Indicium, Turris de Defensio, Turris de Opus, Turris de Imperium
Neighboring Nations: Aria, Lanaa, Bryant, New Zodin, Vicitius, Unala, Jiros, Kenam, Hollenstad
Civilization Traits of Empire
Space Sciences: Basic Astrogation (Space Physics)
Engineering Sciences Microcircuits, Advanced Electronics/Computers, Jets, Basic AI
Biological Sciences: Basic Anatomy, Animal Husbandry, Basic Microscopy, Cell Theory, Manufactured Drugs
Physical Sciences: Subspace Radio Theory, Advanced Catalyst Chemistry
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: No Accomplishment (public), Extensive training (government)
Magical Sciences: No Accomplishment (public), Extensive training (government)
Social Sciences: Psychoanalysis, Behavior modification
Cultural Organization: Obedience to government
Cultural Attitude: Dominating for controlled peace