Fenri (homo lupus)

Fenri are best described as a humanoid canine. They seem to be descended from a species of large wolf. Their society is very tribal, or pack oriented. Each pack seems to be around 15 to 60 members strong, presided over by the strngest member of the pack (male or female). There is a very strong heirarchy in place for pack members, determined by strangth and utility to the tribe. Those too weak to be of use are given a chance to remain in the tribe only if they can provide some needed skill or service, otherwise they are exiled. Being a society built on shows of strength and pysical prowess, the Fenri tend to be fairly aggressive and territorial (though not terribly warlike). They are generally on good terms with the Besik, with other species treated differently by different tribes.










Lifeform Type: Mammal
Average Size: 2.2 meters
Species Type: Humanoid (Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: Heterosexual (Male/Female)
Age Longevity: 1-5 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Fenri
Space Sciences: Manned Interstellar Probes, Planetary Colonization, Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Advanced Microcircuits, Scram Jets, Magnelev Rails, Domed Habitats
Biological Sciences: No Accomplishment, Superstition, 'Blood' Letting
Physical Sciences: Fire Control, Recognition of Gases/Solids/Liquid States
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Widely Recognized, Rudimentary understanding of use
Magical Sciences: Widely recognized, Rudimentary understanding of use
Social Sciences: No Accomplishment, individualistic
Cultural Organization: Feudal
Cultural Attitude: Dominating for Controlled peace