Flayer (kthulia amentius)

Flayers are extra-dimensional beings native the the space-between-spaces inside of wormholes. The rise in use of wormholes, and the side effects of early jump drive usage, drew them from their native habitat and into our space. As other dimensional beings, they do not always follow our rules of physics. The flayer are adept at slipping through space in ways that defy standard logic, finding shortcuts in spaces that should not exist. Likewise, flayer physiology seems to defy all reason, remaining vaguely humanoid except when at the edge of one's vision (where they appear to fill spaces in ways that feel wrong). They are generally a blackish-purple color, with an oily mucus covering them in a shiny caul.











squid, 125 kph movement, 2 tentacles have hair like fingers, 2 tentacles adapted as steering fins, 2 tentacles adapted as hoof like foot, 2 tentacles have 3 fingers and no palms, change skin color/texture to match surroundings/emotions, flayer controlled species native to our universe/dimension

Lifeform Type: Unknown, but probably Amphibian
Average Size: 3.3 meters
Species Type: Humanoid (Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: Non sexual/Autosexual (Mitosis)
Age Longevity: 16-50 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Flayer
Space Sciences: Manned Interstellar Probes, Planetary Colonization, Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Atomic Level Circuitry, Gravity Control, Nanotech
Biological Sciences: Basic Physiology, Detailed Anatomy, Blood/Tissue Typing, Life Classification
Physical Sciences: Subspace Radio Theory, Advanced Catalyst Chemistry
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Measured in many, Basic understanding of theory
Magical Sciences: Preservative efforts, wide spread research of resource
Social Sciences: Psychological theories of other races
Cultural Organization: No Accomplishment, Anarchy
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with equals