Future History
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A Brief Note on the Future

Anzee Rising

4435 Anzee start to organize.

4446 Anzee revolt against their long-time human masters.

4494 Anzee gain a nation of independence on an island near the Rojan continent and call it Anz.

4500 Anzee redefine space flight by starting the FTL space vehicle project. This creates a new subspecies of Anzee, Space Chimps.

4501 Anz is accepted into the UCFS.

4503 Anz is pressured by the UCFS to keep the peace between the colony worlds.

4519 Anzee answer the call for peacekeeping when a rogue group of colonists from a nearby colony destroyed one of the FTL space vehicle project space stations recently assembled by the Space Chimps. Anzee start the first large scale weaponization project ever seen in the history of the colonies to form the CPSDF(Colony Planet and Space Defense Force).

4525 Colonies suspicious of the CPSDF's intent declare war.

4683 CPSDF overruns the last defiant colony.

4697 Anzee complete the CPSDF fully enforcing the laws of each colony and the space surrounding it.

5489 Space Chimps first successful test flight of NLS Drive.

6022 A major Neohuman religious figure prophesies of a major awakening of their people aided by a species that are genetically similar to them.

6137 Space Chimps first successful test flight of SLS Drive.

6683 Space Chimps first successful test flight of LS Drive.

6900 Space Chimps first successful test flight of FTL Drive. Anzee everywhere celebrate the 2400 year project.

7107 A rogue group from the CPSDF break off and start enforcing law beyond colony borders.

8014 Neohuman scientists found a genetic flaw in their genome that will deem them sterile by the year 11011. A commission is formed to look for a cure by all means at their disposal.

9153 Rogue group finds Earth.

9259 Anzee create invasion fleet to retake Earth from the Neohumans.

9381 Neohumans find a downed rogue CPSDF ship in an outlaying colony that had been there for over 200 years.

9491 CPSDF ship information is somehow leaked to the Neohuman population. Religious figures quote from the prophesies of The Awakening.

9499 Several genetically altered Neohumans research ships are sent out again in an effort by the science community for a cure.

10000 Genetically altered Neohumans stumble upon a time vehicle and use it. Anzee come back to Earth and are welcomed by their Neohuman counterparts.

10001 Anzee destroy all Neohuman settlements to create their new homeland.

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