Glorious Brotherhood

Glorious Brotherhood

Flag: The flag is bright green with an emblem of an open hand.
Motto: Gods and Toil

The most powerful nation in the world from a religious standpoint. The Glorious Brotherhood is the home of the United Brotherhood of Theologians. The nation itself is actually comprised of many smaller religious communes, each paying a stipend to the church for use of the land. There are very few cities, with the largest civilized section of the country being the Tower of Faith and the city surrounding it.

With the diversity of religious beliefs, and a separate region of the country set aside for the practice of these beliefs, there is a lot of variety in what each region of the country looks like. Relations between the different regions are mostly friendly, though there is a bit of rivalry between the branches of the Brotherhood. Even after years of coexistence, the various religions forming the United Brotherhood of Theologians do not agree on all things.

The current leader of the Glorious Brotherhood, Pietro Corvini, is the first person not affiliated with any of the religions to lead the nation. A self confessed agnostic, he was not originally desired for the role of leading the nation. However, his lack of defining faith has led to a great tenure leading the nation. Without having one branch of the Brotherhood to favor, he is able to more fairly act for the good of all. This has caused the council of the UBT (comprised of the heads of the 25 major branches, with an additional representative for the combined lesser faiths) to consider making it a tradition to have a non-religious leader after Corvini retires from office.




In the Glorious Brotherhood, the national monetary unit is called the Argentum. It trades at 2 units for 5 credits.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Christian Galvion (4372-4443) was the 11th leader of the Glorious Brotherhood, and the last to govern free of the United Brotherhood of Theologians. He is generally considered to have been a poor leader.

Pietro Corvini (4444-Present) is the 12th leader of the Glorious Brotherhood, and the 1st such to also be the head of the UBT.


3680 Colonization of unclaimed lands, later to be known as the Glorious Brotherhood.

3770 Glorious Brotherhood gains major power within the United Confederation of Free States.

3830 Glorious Brotherhood is subject to a war of succession.

3850 Glorious Brotherhood begins plans for starting colonies in other nations of the world.

3910 Glorious Brotherhood deals with corruption from within the church.

3950 The Glorious Brotherhood experiences widespread good fortune as the world rediscovers true religion.

4040 Glorious Brotherhood officially denounces the Church of the Last Revival.

4130 The Glorious Brotherhood instigates rebellions within the Church of the Last Revival.

4147 Eduin falls to a band of Inquisitors from the Glorious Brotherhood.

4148 The former nation of Eduin, now a protectorate of the Glorious Brotherhood, is struck by a series of disasters. By the end of the year the once lush region is nothing but a barren wasteland incapable of sustaining life. It is now called The Wastes.

4160 Glorious Brotherhood attempts colonization of The Wastes.

4210 Glorious Brotherhood experiences a time of decadence.

4230 Glorious Brotherhood warns that the One Being will punish humanity for recent tech developments.

4310 Glorious Brotherhood is gripped by a plague of frogs.

4360 Unala opens up the first all-faiths house of worship outside of the Glorious Brotherhood.

4390 Glorious Brotherhood investigates allegations of corruption within the church.

4393 The Glorious Brotherhood is attacked by what appear to be demons of all sorts.

4397 Glorious Brotherhood is hit by a resurgence of the flesh-eating virus.

4398 Pasia is scandalized by the revelation of their manipulation of the Glorious Brotherhood.

4400 The Glorious Brotherhood is divided by petty feuds among the clergy.

4404 The Glorious Brotherhood starts a rebellion against the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians, which is quickly suppressed.

4408 Glorious Brotherhood wars with the mutant nation of D'Gran.

4414 The Glorious Brotherhood feuds with the Colonial Congress over attempts to integrate them with the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians.

4418 The Glorious Brotherhood is devastated by a series of floods.

4422 The Glorious Brotherhood forms a new incarnation of the Knights Templar.

4423 The New Knights Templar begin purging the Glorious Brotherhood of corrupting influences.

4424 Ushi wars with the Glorious Brotherhood.

4428 Florent attempts to invade the Glorious Brotherhood.

4430 The Glorious Brotherhood is poorly lead by Christian Galvion.

4432 The Glorious Brotherhood attempts to break free of Unified Brotherhood of Theologians control.

4437 The Glorious Brotherhood, with the help of the new Knights Templar, uncover corruption in the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians.

4441 The Glorious Brotherhood is raided by Kritos.

Government Type: Theocracy
Terran Naming Conventions: American, British, Italian
National Language: Corvan, Kelsh, Altus
Current Leader: Pietro Corvini (male)
Major Groups: Redefined Jewish Tradition, Unified Christian Church, New Church of Islam, Hindu, Buddhists, The Changeless Analects, The Way, Zenrachi, Druidic Faith, Shamanistic Path, Transcendentalists, Neo-Pagans, Erisian Theists, Pantheistic Naturalist, Yikari Traditionalists, Temple of Endless Light, Order Draconis, The Cult of the Silenced Tongue, Necrists, Cult of the Jade Pupil, Church of the Repentant Savior, Church of the Last Revival, Daughters of the New Dawn, Lockists, Hunterists
Key Locations: Tower of Faith, Pax (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Shodan, Ushi, The Hinterlands
Civilization Traits of Glorious Brotherhood
Space Sciences: Basic Astrogation (Space Physics)
Engineering Sciences Micromolecular Circuitry, Advanced AI, Ionic Flight
Biological Sciences: Basic Anatomy, Animal Husbandry, Basic Microscopy, Cell Theory, Manufactured Drugs
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Psychoanalysis, Behavior modification
Cultural Organization: Advanced Tribal
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with alike nations