Great Desert

Great Desert

Flag: The flag is a rectangle with seven stripes of alternating dark gold and pale brown, and a diagonal bar of light grey from left to right. The emblem is a falcon and a sandal.
Motto: Equality, Salvation, Conquest

While not a true nation, this area of the planet is considered to be a region under the control of no one else. This desert, the largest in the world, has never been truly conquered by any one nation. The closest anyone has come to inhabiting this area has been with the people of Aegyptus. There is a subculture of the Aegyptian people that have lived within the deepest parts of the Great Desert for generations, creating their own unique societies and dialects. These peoples, collectively known as the Raiders (or Tribes) of the Great Desert, seem to be trying to consolidate their power.

An interesting aspect of the culture of this region is the marriage practices. Due to the tribal nature of the people here, and their relative autonomy and detachment from the world, a unique tradition has been formed. Each tribe is divided into four quarters, with each person assigned to one quarter according to birth. When a marriage is proposed, a person from one quarter marries into another quarter, their children going into a third quarter. All people the same age and in the same quarter are considered related, and siblings. All of your father's "brothers" are considered your "father, " your mother's "sisters" your "mother, " etc. Your aunts and uncles come from your mother's quarter of the tribe.

For example, say you are born into the first quarter of the tribe. When you marry, it will be into the second quarter and your children will be placed in the third quarter. When one of your children marries, they will marry into the fourth quarter and their children will be placed into the first quarter (the same one you are in). While this may sound complicated and unusual, it works very well for the people of this region. With a system set up like this, they can ensure genetic diversity with a small number of people. An important issue in an area such as this, where there are few people to begin with.




There is no currency used universally in the Great Desert. In place of a national monetary unit is a barter system, though Aegyptian currency is generally an acceptable substitute most places.






People of Note


Mohammed al-Zouhayli was the first man to unite the peoples living in the Great Desert into a unified group. While the tribes have since broken apart, his influence is still felt in the use of the term "Tribes of Zouhayli" to describe the peoples of the area.

Etel Soliman was a woman who attempted to unite the peoples of the Great Desert in the same way Mohammed al-Zouhayli did. Her attempts were not successful.

Hammad el Kheir is the man who most recently tried to unite the peoples of the Great Desert. He was successful, but not enough for his efforts to last more than about a year.


3480 Ciduinyo enters battle with the raiders of the Great Desert in hope of gaining more land.

3560 Exploration of the Great Desert by the Aegyptians proves its inhabitability when the explorers get lost.

3580 The Great Desert Raiders rebel against their current leader.

3600 Raiders in the Great Desert rebel against their leadership again.

3660 The raiders of the Great Desert are united as a single entity by Mohammed al-Zouhayli.

3750 The Raiders of the Great Desert revolt against their current leader.

3810 The Great Desert is found to be a base of operations for a terrorist organizations known as the Unfinished Circle.

3820 Azatlan employs the use of psi-empowered soldiers to fight Great Desert rebels.

3910 Great Desert experiences a rebellion among the raiders.

3940 The Raiders of the Great Desert disband into smaller tribes.

3990 The tribes of the Great Desert rebel against Etel Soliman, the woman trying to reunite them.

4030 The Great Desert is linked with the Unfinished Circle again.

4100 A list of Unfinished Circle members finds its way out of the Great Desert.

4120 The Great Desert's tribes, as a result of involvement with the Unfinished Circle, suffer greatly from the weakening if the terrorists.

4310 Great Desert invents special distillation gear for desert survival.

4350 The Great Desert is scandalized by the return of the Church of the Last Revival.

4380 The kingdoms of the Great Desert crumble and revert to a more tribal/caravan style.

4385 Desert Raiders from the Great Desert attack Aegyptian outposts.

4387 Raiders from the Great Desert attempt to invade Aegyptus.

4392 Raiders from the Great Desert attack Aegyptus, but fail in the invasion.

4398 The raiders of the Great Desert are united by Hammad el Kheir.

4399 The tribes of the Great Desert war with each other.

4402 Raiders from the Great Desert attack Aegyptian supply caravans.

4405 The tribes of the Great Desert fight amongst themselves.

4408 Raiders waylay supply caravans passing through Great Desert.

4412 The Great Desert is once again the site of a scandal when satellite photos reveal hidden weapon stores.

4416 The Great Desert is invaded by Aegyptian soldiers bent on eradicating the desert raiders once and for all.

4417 The Raiders of the Great Desert are able to drive out the Aegyptian invaders.

4420 The Great Desert is invaded by the Gnan.

4423 Aigno wars with raiders from the Great Desert.

4424 Raiders from the Great Desert almost succeed in invading Aegyptus.

4425 The Great Desert is attacked by a group of renegade Djinn.

4429 Azik raided by raiders from the Great Desert.

4430 Raiders of the Great Desert wars with Uik.

4434 The raiders of the Great Desert rebel against Aegyptian dictators.

4435 The Great Desert suffers from wars amongst the raider city-states.

4436 The Faceless One invasion attacks the Great Desert.

4438 The tribes of the Great Desert band together to declare war on Suludan.

4439 Voyud invaded by raiders from the Great Desert.

4440 Raiders from the Great Desert successfully raid Aegyptian armories.

4441 The Great Desert's tribes war with each other.

Government Type: Confederacy
Terran Naming Conventions: Arabic
National Language: Aegyptu, Zouhay
Current Leader: N/A
Major Groups: Tribes of Zouhayli
Key Locations: Osari Oasis
Neighboring Nations: Aegyptus, Aigno, Voyud, Azik, Uik, Suludan
Civilization Traits of Shodan
Space Sciences: Planetary Recognition, Visual Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Levers, Pulleys, Houses, Fire Energy, Beasts, Boats
Biological Sciences: Basic Genetics, Microbiology, Nitrogen Cycle, Routine Surgery, Synthetic Drugs
Physical Sciences: Complex Optics, Rudimentary Chemistry, Gun Powder
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Rudimentary Education Given To Gifted
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Development of religion, Special professions emerge
Cultural Organization: Representative Structure
Cultural Attitude: Warlike expansionists