Flag: The flag is a square with three stripes of dark violet, grey-brown and vibrant yellow. The emblem is a recurved bow with radial symmetry.
Motto: Life is Morality

The second oldest nation of the modern world, and one of the smallest of the "empire-sized" nations. Kelshland is a flat nation, covered in a carpet of greenery. This has made it a haven for nature lovers and people of druidic faith. Oddly enough, it is also home of one of the largest population of Dwarves in the world. Kelshland has not been very active politically in the last few years, trying to keep out of the world's spotlight.

There have been recent troubles in the nation between the nobles and the commoners. While the nobles do not treat the general citizenry poorly by any means, they do live a much more privileged life than the majority of the nation. This has lead to a feeling of mild animosity toward the nobles. The result has been the creation of two new organizations: The Hellfire League and the Provincial Labour Group. Both seek to equalize power and privilege between the noble families and the rest of the nation. However, they have different methods of doing so. The Provincial Labour Group has chosen the non-violent approach, working to influence the families through political and industrial means. The Hellfire League, on the other hand, is more secretive and could very easily be described as an internal terrorist organization. They approach the problem with violence and sabotage.

The nobles, for their part, have taken the recent events in stride. Many of the younger generation have begun working out the problem with the Provincial Labour Group. The common man is slowly being given more rights and more say in the happenings of the nation. The nobles still may control much of the power in Kelshland, but the commoners are slowly catching up.




The Argent, national monetary unit of Kelshland, is trades at a 4 units to 3 credits ratio.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Bransby Dunbar (4375-4402) was the 10th, and final, king in the Dunbar line. He was a strong and wise ruler who was finally overthrown during a civil war.

Veronica Fergusson (4403-4418) was the first and last in the Fergusson family to rule the nation. Her rule, though short and leaving no successors, was beneficial for the nation.

Peadar Sheehan (4419-Present) is the first in the Sheehan family to rule the nation, and the current king of Kelshland.

Other Individuals of Note

Patricia Lawless managed to save the nation from international scandal when she discovered a plot to build and launch a nuclear missile from within Kelshish borders.

Dominic Sheehan is an ancestor of the current ruler of Kelshland. He is famous for starting the Sheehan noble family when he saved the crown prince from kidnappers.


0600 Kelshland is founded

1100 Kelshland is rocked by massive earthquakes, the lingering result of the Great War of 700 (the New World War)

1900 Empire and Kelshland are nearly destroyed when an experimental bomb is detonated in the Holerian Ocean.

2700 Kelshland gains more power, as well as land.

3590 Orita enters into a trade agreement with Kelshland.

3600 Kelshland is stricken by earthquakes.

3610 Kukali is founded after a war with the weakened Kelshland.

3640 Kelshland starts a crusade against the use of psi.

3670 Kelshland uses the principles of jump drive theory to invent anti-grav technology.

3770 Kelshland experiences a period of decadence.

3810 Kelshland expands its borders.

3900 Kelshland experiences a war of succession.

3930 Kelshland sets up the first non-United Confederation of Free States off world colony.

3960 Kelshland crusades to eliminate the Church of the Last Revival.

4010 Kelshland is ravaged by a mini-cataclysm, caused inadvertently by the legendary Dark Ryder.

4100 Kelshland falls onto hard times, its borders shrinking as neighboring nations snatch up land.

4130 Kelshland recovers from its slump, regaining the majority of the territories they lost.

4170 Patricia Lawless uncovers, and thwarts, a plot to create a nuclear missile in Kelshland.

4270 Dominic Sheehan rescues Kelshland's crown prince from kidnappers, which leads to the formation of the Sheehan noble family.

4370 Le Grande Marche suffers greatly due to a war with Kelshland.

4374 Kelshland is brought to the brink of war by internal rivalries.

4378 In Kelshland, the noble families of Dunbar and Lawless stir up more conflict when their rivalry becomes violent.

4384 Kelshland has a strong ruler with Bransby Dunbar.

4390 Kelshish rebels attack the capital.

4391 Factions in Kelshland nearly force the nation into a civil war.

4393 In the aftermath of Kelshland's civil war, old rivalries flare up.

4398 Kelshland is hit by a resurgence of the flesh-eating virus.

4402 Kelshland has a civil war.

4406 Kelshland and Azik argue over resources.

4412 Kelshland thrives under the leadership of Veronica Fergusson.

4418 Kelshland has a civil war.

4422 Kelshland wars with Veran wi-Dria.

4423 Zuru attempts to raid Kelshland, but the raiders are all repelled.

4428 Kelshish militias stage a rebellion.

4432 Ordan wars with Kelshland.

4438 Jiros invades Kelshish territories.

4441 Kelshish extremists rebel against their government.

Government Type: Monarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: British, Irish, Scottish
National Language: Kelsh
Current Leader: Peadar Sheehan (male)
Major Groups: Royals (Sheehan Family), Nobles (Blacklock Family, Dunbar Family, Fergusson Family, Graves Family, Lathbury Family, Lawless Family, Ravensworth Family), The Hellfire League, Provincial Labour Group, Dwarven Clans
Key Locations: New Dresglow (Capital), Darbywood Forest, Hamm's Cave, Dwarven Settlements
Neighboring Nations: Le Grande Marche, Ordan, Schofenshire, Avalion, Sebany, Silvervale
Civilization Traits of Kelshland
Space Sciences: Manned Interstellar Probes, Planetary Colonization, Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Micromolecular Circuitry, Advanced AI, Ionic Flight
Biological Sciences: Basic Genetics, Microbiology, Nitrogen Cycle, Routine Surgery, Synthetic Drugs
Physical Sciences: Subspace Radio Theory, Advanced Catalyst Chemistry
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Rudimentary Education Given To Gifted
Magical Sciences: Populous cultivation, Basic training for all
Social Sciences: Psychological theories of other races
Cultural Organization: Feudal
Cultural Attitude: Peaceful exploration for friendly allies, Avoid War