Flag: The flag is a rectangle with a solid scarlet background and a rectangle of grey in the upper left-hand corner. The emblem is a stallion and a human head with radial symmetry.
Motto: Mystery from Imagination










People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Lief Hakansson (3314-3355) was the third leader of the nation. He is generally regarded as one of the greater leaders the nation had.

Erika Regnell (3401-3403) was a woman who succeeded in overthrowing the religious government of the nation. After three years of leading her people, she was ousted and the old leadership managed to take control again.

Einer Nemtynakht (3530-3600) was the ninth and final leader of Krytas. After the fall of the nation, he escaped to an undisclosed nation where he lived the rest of his years in exile.

Other People of Note

Dr. Bjarte Regnell was a geneticist famous for finding and curing a disease that ravaged the livestock of the nation.


3150 One of the islands that make up Empire is invaded, becoming the nation of Krytas.

3170 Krytas wars with Empire in an attempt to expand its borders.

3240 Krytas wars over unclaimed lands, ending in the founding of Rikaria.

3300 Krytas suffers through a revolution by the middle class.

3310 Dark Ryder appears in Krytas to prevent scientists from causing a second cataclysm.

3330 Lief Hakansson ushers Krytas into a period of religious supremacy.

3360 Krytas experiences a powerful earthquake, tearing the nation apart. The state of Queran claims independence from Krytas, forming a new country.

3390 Krytas is hit by an outbreak of a disease killing the nation's livestock, which is only averted due to the work of Dr. Bjarte Regnell.

3400 Erika Regnell leads the most successful rebellion in the history of Krytas, effectively leading the nation for 3 years.

3410 Krytas colonizes surrounding lands.

3510 The Church of the Repentant Savior in Krytas expands its influence, starting in Lanaa.

3600 Krytas crumbles under the iron will of Empire's Army.

Government Type: Theocracy
Terran Naming Conventions: Danish/Egyptian
National Language: Azteka
Final Leader: Einer Nemtynakht (male)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: ???