Flag: The flag is a rectangle with thirteen stripes of dark gray, burnt orange, pale blue, dark bronze, burnt orange, red-orange, light gray, dark aqua, gray-green, deep green, black, dark red, and violet. The emblem is an arrowhead.
Motto: Violence, Law, Wisdom





Relatively weak in trading, but still slightly more valued than the credit is the Laban Bunnel. These are worth 5 credits for every 4 units.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Faceless One Occupation (4433-4437)

Grey Occupation (4438-4441)

Katarzyna Wysocki (4442-4468) was the woman who freed the nation from alien control, and the first leader after the nation was freed.

Krystyna Waclaw (4469-Present) is the second leader of Lana since the nation was reclaimed from alien control.


3390 Empire colonizes the island of Laban. Laban severs ties with Empire.

3470 Laban becomes embroiled in worldwide politics.

3490 The first faerie is sighted in Laban.

3570 Laban is invaded by refugees from Ramagin after a tsunami wipes out 30% of Ramagin's cities.

3600 Laban war over leadership.

3670 Laban raises an undead army to invade Viitus.

3720 Laban is thrown into political turmoil by a rebellion

3730 Laban prospers.

3740 Corech and Laban mount an exploration of the world's moons.

3760 Laban political factions vie for control of the nation.

3850 Laban is conquered and controlled by Lati colonists.

3940 Laban has an outbreak of psipox, a serious disease affecting the brain.

4020 Laban improves on the Jump Drive design to create the Near Light Speed Drive (NLS Drive).

4090 Laban experiences a period of decadence.

4160 Laban overrun with faeries and faerie-kin.

4250 Laban attempts to form a psychic version of the Magic Corps, but inner conflicts cause the organization to fall apart in under a year.

4330 Laban discovers ways to store mana in "mana batteries".

4380 Laban wars with Sylvera in an attempt at conquest.

4430 Laban has a revolution.

4432 Bavin and Laban are invaded by Faceless Ones.

4437 Laban is raided by a renegade band of Greys.

Government Type: Gynocratic Monarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: Polish
National Language: Kelsh
Current Leader: Krystyna Waclaw (female)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Quesa (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Heranis
Civilization Traits of Laban
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Micromolecular Circuitry, Advanced AI, Ionic Flight
Biological Sciences: Portable Medscanners, cloning, Basic Tissue Regeneration, Cryonics
Physical Sciences: Subspace Radio Theory, Advanced Catalyst Chemistry
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Widely Recognized, Rudimentary understanding of use
Magical Sciences: Measured in many, Basic understanding of theory
Social Sciences: Elimination of prejudice
Cultural Organization: Controlled Monarchy
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with equals