Flag: The flag is a rectangle with three vertical stripes of amber, yellow-green and burnt orange. There is no emblem.
Motto: Science, Zeal, Might





The Lanaa Dinar is among the most valued of local currencies, trading at 1 local unit for 6 credits.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Raluca Korovi (3450-3532) was the furst ruler of Lanaa.

Liliana Korovi (3676-3763) is commonly thought of as the greatest leader Lanaa has ever had.

Liaa Korovi (4326-4409) was the 17th leader of Lanaa. She was in power during a period of heightened cult activity that was ended witht he help of Devendra Charan.

Ananasia Korovi (4410-Present) is the current leader of Lanaa.

Other People of Note

Devendra Charan was a strong religious leader who aided Queen Liaa in ridding the nation of unwanted cults.


3450 Lanaa and Corech are founded.

3510 The Church of the Repentant Savior in Krytas expands its influence, starting in Lanaa.

3560 Lanaa trades their remaining natural resources away in an attempt to boost their failing economy.

3620 The government of Lanaa falls into bankruptcy.

3680 Lanaa's churches gain political power.

3760 An epic magical war in Lanaa causes wild and dead zones to appear worldwide.

3860 Lanaa allowed entrance into the Mages Conclave.

3950 Lanaa is invaded by the alien Fenri.

4020 The Church of the Last Revival establishes itself in Empire and Lanaa.

4070 Lanaa expands its borders.

4160 Lanaa is invaded by D'torr refugees.

4200 Lanaa becomes decadent.

4300 Dir'akul and Lanaa are both hit by revolutions.

4350 Devendra Charan aids the rulers of Lanaa root out unwanted cult activity.

4420 Lanaa is engages in initial explorations of the solar system, with the aid of Dark Ryder.

4424 Lanaa investigates reports of disappearances within its borders.

4428 Walking dead from Luxor attack Lanaa.

4432 Lanaa wars with Aria, ending in an invasion.

4433 Lanaa invades Roku.

4438 Lanaa and Los Carnos feud.

4442 Lanaa plots against Okadia.

4443 Okadia avoids scandal by finding evidence implicating Lanaa as the culprit responsible for attacking Ungre with an army of undead in 4442.

Government Type: Gynocratic Monarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: Romanian
National Language: Corvan
Current Leader: Ananasia Korovi (female)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Transnovia (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Aria, Okadia, Siloquin, Bryant, Empire
Civilization Traits of Lanaa
Space Sciences: Basic Astrogation (Space Physics)
Engineering Sciences Levers, Pulleys, Houses, Fire Energy, Beasts, Boats
Biological Sciences: Basic Genetics, Microbiology, Nitrogen Cycle, Routine Surgery, Synthetic Drugs
Physical Sciences: Controlled Fusion, Laser Technology, Plasma State
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Measured in many, Basic understanding of theory
Magical Sciences: Rudimentary Education Given To Gifted
Social Sciences: Basic interracial psychology
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Dominating for controlled peace