Major Languages

The world is a very diverse place, even more so now than it ever was before. Not only are there many vastly different human cultures, but there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of non-human cultures living alongside the humans. Because of this, there are hundreds-of-thousands of different languages and dialects in existence. The following 9 languages are the most common on the planet.


The language spoken by the people of Aegyptus. This language is the first to have spawned a dialect spoken almost as frequently as the mother language itself. The dialect of the settlements of the Great Desert is known as Zouhay, named after the first great leader of the desert's tribes, Mohammed al-Zouhayli.


This language is an odd one, in that it is used almost worldwide, but rarely used in casual conversation. Altus is the language of the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians, and the national language of the Glorious Brotherhood. Every church in the world aligned with the Brotherhood uses this language in all religious services.


Spoken by the people of Azatlan, this language is the only major language from a nation not among the "Big Six" world powers (those being Corvus, Shodan, Empire, Kelshland, Aegyptus, and The Glorious Brotherhood). This is also the language with the most regional variations in the world. The current count places the number at no less than 37 recognized variations and innumerable unrecognized variations.


The language spoken in the Nation of Corvus. The most common language in the world, not counting GCT. This language is in actuality a combination of the spoken component of GCT and the Imperial tongue. Often considered the language of diplomacy among humans for its simplicity and historical roots as a fully human language.

Galactic Common Tongue (GCT)

The only language that consists of visual, olfactory, and aural components, this language is one that can be used by every known species. So expansive is this language, even relatively unintelligent species of animal have been able to learn it on a rudimentary level. This is the language used by just about 95% of the known universe. The language is taught in most schools, and is the tongue most often used when first dealing with strangers.


The language spoken by the citizens of Empire. Quite rare outside of that small island, it is distinct for the relative lack of words and tendency to homogenize thoughts into simplistic ideas. This language is very unlike most others in that it continues to shrink instead of expand. Each new version of the Goodspeak dictionary is progressively smaller, as more words are combined into one. This makes Goodspeak easy to learn, but difficult to master.


The language spoken by the once great Second Empire of Man. Based off of an amalgam of the surviving languages of Earth, along with bits of the Felinus and Proto tongues. Most languages on the planet can trace words back to regional dialects of this tongue. Sadly, the language has all but died in the time since the Second Empire fell. In fact, if it were not for the surviving outcasts of the Second Empire, this language would most likely have been lost. Presently it is only used by the College of Magical Studies, the citizens of the Northern Reaches, and the educated upper class.


The national language of Kelshland, this language can trace its roots back to the Gaelic tongues of Terra. This makes it the second most ancient language on the planet, second only to Imperial. Kelsh is often considered the language of poets because of the way sentences flow together in an almost song-like quality. mastery of this language is considered an art form by many.


The official language of Shodan. This language is known for its intricate detail and subtleties. With a slight alteration of a character when writing, or a minor change of a vocal stress, a general greeting can become a serious insult. Additionally there are multiple variations of words, each one for a specific context. For example, there are at least 7 different words for honor, each one with a slightly different meaning.

Minor Languages


The national language of Atox. Balagree is one of the only languages in the world that is not spoken outside of its native country. At the same time, Balagree is the only language spoken in Atox (by law). The language is a very gutteral one, which comes across as harsh and angry to those who are not used to it.


The official language of the colony worlds. This is a mixture of the languages spoken in the founding nations of the colonies, mixed with some localized dialects and regional slang. It is most heavily influenced by Kelsh and Shodani, making for a quite unique collaborative language. nearly every language spoken my humankind has some word in common with this language.


Inean gains its name from the nation it was first spoken in, being the Inean Refuge. Like many of the lesser languages, it is primarily only spoken in one nation. Inean is particularly unique in the way it is spoken. There are no "official" rules to this language. There are specific words, but the exact usage of the words is open to interpretation.


The national language of Jiros. The language stands out as one of the most poetic and florid in the world. Despite the fact that this language is not widely spoken for its own merit, it is possibly the most often utilized language for poetry and music. The only spoken tongue that comes close to this for poetic use is Marchan.


Only spoken widely in Majij, Lister is not unknown in other regions of the world. This language is unremarkable, with nothing truly outstanding about it other than the fact it is not widely spoken.


The official language of Le Grande Marche. Like Jiros, this language has a very poetic feel to it. It is not nearly as florid in use however. This language is easy to learn, but difficult to master. True masters of the language have been described as "speaking with silken tongue."


Spoken primarily in East and West Nipich, as well as Ta-Fir. Nipochian was originally known as Listan, a dialect of Lister. The founding of Nipoch (now known as East Nipoch), and the resulting adaption of the language there, has slowly altered it until it has become a language unto itself. There are still many similarities to the parent tongue, but only in the same way the Terran languages of Spanish and French have similarities.

Old Imperial

Spoken only on Heracles (the oldest colony world), this is the language that developed on the colonuy ships during the Exodus. It is very similar to Imperial, as that language built off of the foundations laid by this one. It is a language that is difficult to understand by any not taught to speak it as their native tongue. Even those who speak Imperial have a difficult time grasping the subtleties of this language.


Suhil is the national language of Vicitius. Suhil is peculiar in grammatical rules. Where most languages present all information once, this language thrives on repeating oneself. A simple phrase like "What would you like to eat" and the response can sound like a lengthy conversation to those who are not familiar with the language.


The national language of Vora. The language is not widespread for one simple reason. It is incredibly difficult to learn for those not raised with it. Vior contains no articles. The difference between "a car" and "the car" can only be inferred by context. In addition, the general sentence structure is to lead with contextual refrences first, then introduce new information (which is generally a reversal of other languages).