New Hope Islands

New Hope Islands

This small group of islands are beholden to no nation, continent, or other arbitrary grouping. These islands stand outside the jurisdiction of all organizations in the world, save one. The United Confederation of Free States. This is where that world-spanning agency is headquartered and holds all meetings. The islands are covered in a variety of housing areas for each of the representatives, as well as areas for religious worship and occult study. The largest benefit to the area the islands are in is their general distance from every other nation in the world. This has served to keep the islands a neutral ground, and free from attack.

While it is true that the main purpose of this series of islands is to house the UCFS, other organizations can also be found here. The College of Magical Studies has a small school set up here, with a number of diplomatically trained magic users to represent the interests of the world's magical community. Likewise, the Seventh Body has done the same for the psychics of the world. Finally, the Colonial Congress holds the occasional meeting here, being that New Earth is still the most neutral of regions for the offworlders.

The United Brotherhood of Theologians has also established a number of smaller temples, churches, shrines, and other places of worship for the ambassadors and diplomats who spend their time on the islands. This allows those who wish to keep their religious beliefs and practices up while away from home do so. It also allows the UBT to keep aware of political situations that may have more of an effect than just the Glorious Brotherhood. There have been those, recently, who have complained about the extra representation the Glorious Brotherhood seems to receive because of this, with elected officials and religious officials both on the islands to represent the nation church.




The New Hope Islands has no national currency, being a neutral zone outside of other nations. All currencies are accepted here, with proper conversions taken into consideration with the credit as a base.






Government Type: None
Terran Naming Conventions: N/A
National Language: N/A
Current Leader: United Confederation of Free States
Major Groups: United Confederation of Free States, Magic Corps, The Seventh Body, Unified Brotherhood of Theologians
Key Locations: N/A
Neighboring Nations: N/A
Civilization Traits of New Hope Islands
Space Sciences: N/A
Engineering Sciences N/A
Biological Sciences: N/A
Physical Sciences: N/A
Planetary Sciences: N/A
Psionics Sciences: N/A
Magical Sciences: N/A
Social Sciences: N/A
Cultural Organization: N/A
Cultural Attitude: N/A