Northern Reaches

Northern Reaches

Flag: The flag is a a rectangle with three uneven stripes of dark aqua, bright blue and vibrant blue, and a diagonal bar of dark blue from left to right. The emblem is a crescent moon.
Motto: Revelation from Independence

The true heir to the Second Empire, despite what Victor Asmodeus claims. Also truly the oldest nation in the world, predating Aegyptus by almost 1000 years. The only reason this nation is not considered for either of these titles is the fact that it was only recently rediscovered. The Reaches is the location of a group of scientists that were exiled from the Second Empire. They were able to survive and continue their research, resulting in a multitude of technological innovations. Currently, the inhabitants of the Reaches are trying to come to terms with the modern world, a world that has evolved and changed without them for countless generations.

As is the case with much of this nation, the government is a unique form of republic, known as a pedocracy. In this form of government, it is the scholars (or in this case, scientists) who are given power. The right to vote is given to those with a certain level of education. The more highly educated a person is, the more voting power they are given. It is only those who have the highest levels of education, usually in the sciences, that are allowed to run for political office.

While originally, the Northern Reaches was a mildly diverse area, the centuries of solitude and limited gene pool have mostly homogenized the ethnic diversity down to what it is today. The people of this region have lighter skin tones, with varying hair and eye colors. Every generation has a child or two born with darker skin tones, which is more of a genetic anomaly than anything else. Clothing is obviously much warmer and thick than any other region of the world. The extreme cold of the arctic plains of this continent-nation require special care. Most clothing is padded, heated, and thick. When outdoors, most clothing covers every bit of the wearer’s body. Even when indoors, clothing leans toward the warm.




The national currency of the Northern Reaches is the Imperial Credit. It has a conversion rate of 1 credit equaling 2 units.






People of Note

Other Individuals of Note

John Hammer was one of the original 13 leaders of the Exodus. During that time, he was in charge of the scientific researches done. After colonization, he continued to further the varying fields of science, until the exile that lead to the formation of the Northern Reaches. As with all other members of the original 13, his final fate is unknown.


3050 PF A group of scientists are exiled to the Northern Reaches.

3060 PF The outcasts in the Northern Reaches discover the secret of cold fusion.

3160 PF The scientists exiled to the Northern Reaches revolt against their guards, forming an arctic nation dedicated to science.

3200 PF The scientists of the Northern Reaches crusade to eradicate the Yikari Yak Men.

3240 PF A new energy source is discovered in the Northern Reaches. It is discovered to be energy of a magical nature, and is thus named mana.

3320 PF The Northern Reaches suffer repeated defeats to the Yikari Yak Men, resulting in a decline in their borders.

3400 PF The Northern Reaches crusade to wipe out the Yikari Yak Men once again.

3430 PF The original charges brought against the exiled scientists are revealed to have been untrue. An expedition is sent to the Northern Reaches, but no sign is found of the exiles.

3450 PF The Northern Reaches experience a period of decadence.

0030 Some of the more militant researchers in the Northern Reaches rebel and leave the compound (3530PF).

0270 An icequake causes the citizens of the Northern Reaches to migrate further south, towards a more hospitable climate (3800PF).

0370 The Northern Reaches experience a Golden Age (3900PF).

0970 The Ice Caves of the Yikari Mountains are discovered (4500PF).

1370 In the Northern Reaches John Hammer aids in the expansion of the settlement (4900 PF).

1570 Explorers from the Northern Reaches are sent to map the Ice Caves. The maps they return with turn out to be so completely inaccurate as to be useless (5100 PF).

2170 The exiles in the Northern Reaches move further south after a pod of snow sharks decide to claim the area of the colony as their home (5700 PF).

2570 John Hammer leaves the exiles in the Northern Reaches in order to explore the arctic continent, he is never seen again (6100 PF).

3170 The Northern Reaches war with the Yeti, a nation of snow beasts (6700 PF).

3270 The Northern Reaches, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Yeti, set off a sonic disruptor device. The resulting ice quakes, avalanches, and blizzards nearly destroy both the Yeti and the Colony (6800 PF).

3870 Northern Reaches discovers vibranite, a metal with energy absorbing/discharging properties (7400 PF).

4270 The exiles in the Northern Reaches explore the more southern areas of the arctic continent (7800 PF).

4330 Northern Reaches creates a tropical zone in the middle of the tundra (7860 PF).

4340 Yntir mounts an expedition into the Northern Reaches (7870 PF).

4390 The leaders of the Northern Reaches uncover a cult practicing the religion of the Yikari Yak Men (7920 PF).

4440 The settlement in the Northern Reaches forms a trade agreement with the Yikari Yak Men (7940 PF).

4442 Exploration by the settlement in the Northern Reaches leads to the discovery of the "modern world" (7942 PF).

Northern Reaches
Government Type: Pedocracy
Terran Naming Conventions: British, Norwegian
National Language: Imperial
Current Leader: N/A
Major Groups: Sons of the Empire, The Hammer Society
Key Locations: Pluto (capital), Johnstown, Yikari Ice Caves, Eden Plain
Neighboring Nations: None
Civilization Traits of Northern Reaches
Space Sciences: Sublight/Lightspeed Drive, Advanced Astrogation
Engineering Sciences Atomic Level Circuitry, Gravity Control, Nanotech
Biological Sciences: Major Nerve/tissue Regeneration
Physical Sciences: Wormhole Theory, Dimensional/Temporal Technology, Elemental Transmutation
Planetary Sciences: Terraforming
Psionics Sciences: Largely Unrecognized, Unknown origins
Magical Sciences: Preservative Efforts, Wide spread research of resource
Social Sciences: Large scale social planning
Cultural Organization: Academic study
Cultural Attitude: Acceptance of like nations, Coexistent with others