Prime Scourge

Prime Scourge (xenophagia principalus)

Most people are aware of the scourge, and their parasitic nature. Even though little is known about them, enough general knowledge is available to the average person. What many do not realize is that the scourge widely known is not the most dangerous of the species. Somewhere in known space is a world unseen by sentient life for centuries. This was the scourge homeworld, before they became the menace they are presently. The few shreds of information left of the lost civilization on the world paint a tragic picture.

The scourge were originally an alien species who excelled at of biological engineering. At some point, it was realized that they were slowly dying off. It is not clear from the record found what the cause of this inevitable doom was. Regardless, a plan was devised by the leaders of the scientific community. The scientists figured out a way to imprint their own species's DNA onto that of another species, creating a child that was a hybrid of both parents. Even species that were not genetically compatible would be ablke to produce offspring in this way. Something went wrong with the DNA imprinting, causing the researchers to go insane and the offspring to become mindless killing/breeding machines. The result was what is now known as the scourge.

What is amazing is that the plan worked, to an extent. The original researchers are still alive, and leading their mindless offspring from the homeworld. The initial subjects of the treatment are likewise alive. These original products of the experiment are more powerful, and genetically pure, than the standard scourge encountered on other planets. These "prime scourge" are thankfully rarely encountered.











Lifeform Type: Mammal
Average Size: 1.8 meters
Species Type: Humanoid (Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: None
Age Longevity: Unlimited/Immortal
Civilization Traits of the Prime Scourge
Space Sciences: Sub-Light Speed Drive (SLS Drive)/Light Speed Drive, Advanced Astrogation
Engineering Sciences Atomic Level Circuitry, Gravity Control, Nanotech
Biological Sciences: Proproplaser surgery, Nerve/Tissue Regeneration
Physical Sciences: Atomic Fission, Microwave Theory, Electron Microscopy
Planetary Sciences: Empirical Weather Prediction, Mineral and Ore Recognition
Psionics Sciences: Widespread Acceptance and Use, Extensive Training
Magical Sciences: No Accomplishment
Social Sciences: Psychological theories of other races
Cultural Organization: Unity
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with alike species