Proto (limus vivus)

One of the earliest species of alien life encountered by humanity. The proto are a race of living ooze. Most proto appear as a gelatinous shape vaguely resembling a human's upper body emerging from a puddle. Coloration among the proto is used to denote social standing, though recently there have been many cases of proto using artificial coloration. Proto have the unique ability to alter their size and shape at will, making this the only species of true shapeshifters known. The proto civilization is as mutable as their form, taking on the cultural characteristics of whatever society they are currently integrating with.










Alkarian (limus vivus ???)


Awari (limus vivus conductio)

The Awari are one of the more unique lifeforms humanity has encountered since leaving Terra. One of a small number of intelligent liquids, the Awari are a proto subspecies unable to hold a solid form for longer than a few minutes without major concentration. The only truly liquid lifeform, as opposed to the more gelatinous Lithurn and Proto or slime-like Alkarian or Solaki. This species has found it hard to adapt to the civilizations of other species, due in large part to the prevalence of electrical power and the Awari's highly conductive nature.

Lithurn (limus vivus ???)


Solaki (limus vivus ???)


Lifeform Type: Liquid
Average Size: 1.5 meters
Species Type: Unipedal (Slug/Gel)
Reproductive Type: Heterosexual (Male/Female)
Age Longevity: 51-100 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Proto
Space Sciences: Manned Intestellar Probes, Planetary Colonization, Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Advanced Microcircuits, Scram Jets, Magnelev Rails, Domed Habitats
Biological Sciences: Basic Physiology, Detailed Anatomy, Blood/Tissue Typing, Life Classification
Physical Sciences: Atomic Fission, Microwave Theory, Electron Microscopy
Planetary Sciences: No Accomplishment, Cave Dwelling Paintings
Psionics Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Magical Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Social Sciences: No Accomplishment, individualistic
Cultural Organization: Early-Tribal
Cultural Attitude: Acceptance and inclusion of all warring and peaceful.