This nation, housed within the confines of Shodan, is almost completely made up of dragons. This makes it the only region in the world, that is not predominantly human, that is recognized by the rest of the world as a nation. How this came about is an interesting story.

Centuries ago, in the 2900's, the first official dragon was discovered. The man who sighted the beast was a farmer by the name of Hyang Bayu. He historically is remembered only for his discovery, and nothing more. What history doesn't record is that he befriended the dragon he first saw, a friendship that lasted for generations and eventually lead to Bayu's descendants becoming the ruling family of Shodan and founding a dynasty. In return, the dragon's descendents were granted an advisory role to the Shodani Emperor. This practice, of having a dragon adviser, lives on to this day.

Another result of this initial meeting was the grant of land within the nation of Shodan to the dragons. This land was initially a refuge to allow the dragons to live in peace with humanity, without the need to hide themselves. Over the years, this refuge grew until it had become a virtual nation of its own. Eventually the Shodani government granted the land officially as belonging to the dragons fully. This dragon kingdom thrived and prospered for many more years.

Finally, 75 years ago, the dragons decided to officially name thier nation and petition for complete acceptance. The Shodani government has take up the cause to help the new nation gain greater acceptance. So far, they have managed to be recognized by the rest of the world's nations. The next step is UCFS membership.




Roku has its own local currency, called the Kindoru. It is only worth a quarter of a credit in trade (4 units equals 1 credit).






Government Type: Democracy
Terran Naming Conventions: Japanese/Mongolian
National Language: Shodani
Current Leader: Kumada Tsumotu (male)
Major Groups: The Nine Clans (Basilisk, Drake, Hydra, Lindworm, Long, Naga, Wyvern, 2 more as yes unrevealed)
Key Locations: Ryutoshi
Neighboring Nations: Shodan
Civilization Traits of Roku
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Air Conditioning, Transistors, Heavy Machinery, Airplanes, Basic Computers
Biological Sciences: Portable Medscanners, cloning, Basic Tissue Regeneration, Cryonics
Physical Sciences: Controlled Fusion, Laser Technology, Plasma State
Planetary Sciences: Basic Quake Prediction, and Weather Modification
Psionics Sciences: Populous cultivation, Basic training for all
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Elimination of prejudice
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Dominating for controlled peace