Flag: The flag is a rectangle with two stripes of olive and dark gold.
Motto: Purity and Discipline

The fourth oldest nation in the world, and the one that has changed the least. Shodan is currently a mystery to those outside its borders. The only nation left relatively untouched by the Collapse, Shodan has closed its borders. They are currently experiencing a civil war of sorts, with various political and military factions fighting over the proper use of their high level of technology. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that their last Empress has just died, leaving her 12 year old son to replace her. A basic rundown of the most important factions in Shodan, and their views on the civil war follows.

The Isolationists believe Shodan should keep their tech and wall off from the rest of the world. As this is currently what the nation has done, it seems this group is the dominant one at this point in time. There have been three major factions to break off from this one. The Misers simply wish to keep the technology, without going to the extreme of separating from the rest of the world. The Pack Rats want to hoard the surviving tech for when it is needed, but not actually use it yet. Finally, the Sages think the technology should be studies and improved upon before any real decision is made.

The Restorationists feel the nation should help the world rebuild by using their own surviving technology to recreate the lost technology. Similar to them are the Merchant's Guild, who also wish to help rebuild the world. The main distinction here is the Merchant's wish to sell the tech to other countries, making a profit for the nation while still helping the world at large. Also similar are the Kindred, who think the technology should be given to the other nations of the world for rebuilding purposes, with the understanding that the nations to profit from this will owe Shodan a major favor in return.

Two other groups are the Expansionists and the Dragons of Dawn. The Expansionists want to expand the power of the nation by using their superior technology to dominate the other nations, who cannot possibly stand against them. The Dragons of Dawn also desire domination over the other nations, but in a more subtle way. Instead of outright attacks on the weaker nations, the Dragons of Dawn are willing to share whatever technology Shodan has, but only for complete cooperation and fealty from the nations shared with.

As extreme as the other groups may seem, the most extreme faction is the Zenrachi Technophobic Cult. They desire simply to destroy what technology predating the Collapse Shodan has, to place the nation on equal footing with the rest of the world. It is not surprising, then, that this is the least popular of the major factions.




The national currency of Shodan is the Kindoru. It has a conversion rate of 5 units for one credit.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Kitao I (800-913) was the founder of the nation, and the first in the Kitao Dynasty.

Kamon I (2129-2197)

Kamon II (2198-2200) was the last of the Kitao Dynasty, which ended with the fall of the nation.

(2221-2599) Gap in the history of Shodan during which the nation did not exist.

Shimazaki I (2600-2718) was the first of the Shimazaki Dynasty, and responsible for the rebirth of Shodan.

Huang I (3260-3316) begins the Huang Dynasty.

Huang II (3317-3359)

Tohki I (3360-3383) first ruler in the Tohki Dynasty.

Gawanoshi I (3384-3419)

Gawanoshi III (3420-3476)

Gawanoshi III (3477-3573)

Shih I (3574-3614) was a strong ruler during the Tohki Dynasty.

Miura I (3894-3976)

Miura II (3977-4031)

Miura III (4153-4217)

Miura IV (4441-4427) was the first of the Honami Dynasty, known for her expansionist ways.

Tseng Hokoro (Tseng I) (4445-Present)

Other Individuals of Note

Tatsukichi Utako revolutionized the system of trade in Shodan.


0800 Shodan becomes a nation.

1600 Shodani testing of a prototype stardrive results in a massive explosion. The shockwave is felt half way around the world.

2200 Shodan, unable to rebuild totally after the devastation they sustained in the explosion in 1600, falls.

2600 Shodan rises from its own ashes, a much wiser and stable country.

2900 The first Dragon is sighted in Shodan.

3200 Unprecedented levels of rainfall cause widespread mudslides in Shodan.

3260 Emperor Huang I begins the Huang Dynasty in Shodan.

3280 Tatsukichi Utako revolutionizes the system of trade in Shodan.

3340 Shodan experiences a golden age.

3360 Shodan is conquered by Eduin mercenaries, starting the Tohki Dynasty.

3430 The process of imbuing a mundane item with magic is discovered in Shodan.

3530 Shodani priests of Zenrachi raise the level of religion within the nation.

3560 The Advisors to Emperor Gawanoshi III of Shodan are found to be behind the plots to oust the Imperial Line.

3580 Shodan crusades to teach the world the way of Zenrachi.

3780 The Shodani Imperial Army is investigated for possible United Confederation of Free States Standards of War infractions.

3810 Shodan improves the EMP shield.

3850 Shodan is lead strongly by Empress Shih I.

3940 Shodan invaded by the dragon-like Myrmi.

4010 Shodan experiences a time of decadence.

4110 Shodan is targeted by the Church of the Last Revival for expansion.

4210 Shodan is finally able to finalize a trade agreement with the Dragon Kingdom within their borders.

4280 Shodani churches unite under a single religious banner.

4350 Shodan falls on hard times.

4400 The nation of Shodan suffers when their leader dies unexpectedly, leaving no apparent heir.

4405 Corvus wars with Shodan.

4406 Shodan is nearly torn apart by a civil war.

4410 Ushi is raided by Shodani soldiers.

4414 Shodan removes itself from world affairs with no explanation or warning.

4417 The people of Shodan divide into smaller factions based on political philosophy.

4418 Shodan is invaded by dragons fleeing the destruction of their home realm.

4424 Shodan's Empress Miura Emiko (known to historians as Miura IV) greatly expands her nation's power.

4425 The factions within Shodan start to war.

4429 Shodan cuts itself off from the rest of the world, stating only that they must "prepare for the approaching doom".

4432 In a bizarre twist of fate, a dual cataclysm of rogue nanobots and a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) destroys the majority of the world's technology. Shodan is left mostly untouched by the EMP thanks to their EMP shielding, but the nanobots still cause widespread devastation.

4433 Haute and Shodan become rivals in the United Confederation of Free States.

4436 Shodani factions war over what to do with their surviving technology.

4441 Shodani rebels reveal the secret behind their protected technology.

Government Type: Dynastic Monarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: Japanese
National Language: Shodani
Current Leader: Tseng Hokoro (male)
Major Groups: Imperial Family, Isolationists, Restorationists, Expansionists, Sages, Kindred, Misers, Zenrachi Technophobic Cult, Merchant's Guild, The Dragons of Dawn, Pack Rats, Dragon Empire
Key Locations: Ichitoshi (Capital), Ryutoshi, The Barrier
Neighboring Nations: Glorious Brotherhood, Ushi, Katal, The Wastes, Roku
Civilization Traits of Shodan
Space Sciences: Sublight/Lightspeed Drive, Advanced Astrogation
Engineering Sciences Atomic Level Circuitry, Gravity Control, Nanotech
Biological Sciences: Major Nerve/tissue Regeneration
Physical Sciences: Wormhole Theory, Dimensional/Temporal Technology, Elemental Transmutation
Planetary Sciences: Terraforming
Psionics Sciences: Populous cultivation, Basic training for all
Magical Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Social Sciences: Large scale social planning
Cultural Organization: Feudal
Cultural Attitude: Peaceful inclusion of peaceful and friendly members