Silicate (saxum pumilio pumilio)

Silicate are a species of crystalline beings. They can be formed of nearly any mineral known, with nearly as many subspecies as there are minerals. They have a variety of appearances, dependent on the nature of the minerals they are formed from. Most do not have a humanoid appearance, instead looking more like the natural and unrefined form of the mineral they are formed from.










Barru (saxum pumilio ???)

Commonly mistaken for dwarves by those who are unaware of the differences, Barru are a Silicate subspecies looking like short humanoids made completely of stone. They look like they statues chiseled out of various rough stones such as granite or slate. The standard skin colors are rocky grays and browns. Barru hair is gray, white, green, or browns and looks like lichen or moss. Barru are universally known for their masterful stonecrafting abilities, due in large part to their natural ability to shape stone as if it were soft clay. As a result, all barru technology is made of finely crafted stone…including their complex machines and electrical mechanisms.

Lifeform Type: Crystaline
Average Size: 1.4 meters
Species Type: Polypedal/Tripedal (Multiple)
Reproductive Type: Heterosexual (Male/Female)
Age Longevity: 151-250 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Silicate
Space Sciences: Manned Interstellar Probes, Planetary Colonization, Subspace Radios
Engineering Sciences Advanced Microcircuits, Scram Jets, Magnelev Rails, Domed Habitats
Biological Sciences: Basic DNA and Genetic Research, Basic Artificial Limbs/Organs
Physical Sciences: Atomic Fission, Microwave Theory, Electron Microscopy
Planetary Sciences: Geothermal Energy, Artificial Higher Elements
Psionics Sciences: Recognition in rare cases, No Understanding
Magical Sciences: Preservative efforts, wide spread research of resource
Social Sciences: Development of social classes, Symbolic commerce
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Acceptance of alike species, Coexistent with others