Flag: The flag is a rectangle with four stripes of blue-green, deep red, deep brown, and fiery red. The emblem is a violet and a crescent moon.
Motto: Pride is Violence





Siloquin is still using the credit and has declined to initiate a local currency.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Diem Saridakis, Kharalios Dong, Timotheos Dinh, Lien Dambassis (4434-4504) are the current leaders of the nation.


4090 Siloquin is founded.

4140 Siloquin is plagued by an outbreak of an odd disease, later dubbed the Siloquin Twitching Disease.

4230 Siloquin colonizes the moon Celestia.

4250 Kezula joins Siloquin in the Celestia colony.

4320 Siloquin and Zuru enter into a trade agreement.

4370 Kazaad wars with Siloquin.

4410 Siloquin suffers from a plague of asx.

4414 Siloquin stifles a rebellion.

4420 Pasia, Doren, Roku, and Siloquin experience rebellions.

4424 Siloquin is attacked by invaders from Silvervale.

4427 Heranis and Siloquin become rivals in the United Confederation of Free States.

4433 Siloquin is hit by an earthquake.

4437 Siloquin is hit by a plague of wildlings, beings of pure chaos.

4439 Oria is hit by scandal when Siloquin raiders discover a living Faceless One being held in a military instillation.

4441 Siloquin, Ta-Fir, and Tarax, are all gripped by civil wars.

Government Type: Oligarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: Greek/Vietnamese
National Language: Aegyptu
Current Leader: Diem Saridakis (male), Kharalios Dong (male), Timotheos Dinh (male), Lien Dambassis (female)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Kwao Chun Shri (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Okadia, The Free State of Alban, Lanaa, Bryant
Civilization Traits of Siloquin
Space Sciences: Manned Interplanetary Space Flight, Space Stations, Medial Astrogation
Engineering Sciences Micromolecular Circuitry, Advanced AI, Ionic Flight
Biological Sciences: Basic DNA and Genetic Research, Basic Artificial Limbs/Organs
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Planetary Weather/Climate/Seismic Control
Psionics Sciences: Preservative Efforts, Wide spread research of resource
Magical Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Social Sciences: Elimination of prejudice
Cultural Organization: Monarchy
Cultural Attitude: No Accomplishment, xenophobic, reclusive