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Anyone can view and join this site and gain extended knowledge of the extended setting of New Earth.

Earth Defense Force

Those who have applied for membership to the Earth Defense Force are given access to more than just the wiki. EDF members gain access to exclusive content not available on any other section of the site. Special polls determining major events in the world, as well as expanded rules not available in any supplements are among the many possibilities. Membership is easy to gain. Simply e-mail an application for EDF membership to the address provided in the Contact section of the wiki. Once your application is approved, you gain full access to all of the privileges membership in the fanclub entails.

Applications must contain the following information and follow the criteria listed below:

  • The playgroup must consist of at least 5 people. This is one GM and four players, minimum. Names of players and characters is required.
  • When you sign your group up, name the nation your group is centered in. You are more likely to have a lasting impact if you choose a lesser nation to be based out of.

Once your group has been accepted, the following will happen:

  • You will be e-mailed a password to gain membership to the site. At this point, you are free to start posting.
  • A city in the nation your group has chosen to be based out of will also be assigned to you.
  • An update will be placed on the Earth Defense Force portion of the website naming your group and characters.


For those who wish to contribute more to the world of New Earth than the standard, there is an additional level of influence. For a moderate donation, individuals or groups are given elite fan club membership. Where the standard Earth Defense Force is a free membership with special perks for registry, the elite level gives more access to the direction of the setting.

What this equates to is rather simple. For every $5 donation made to the company, the group or individual making the donation gain one Universal Credit. A person may have as many Universal Credits as they wish to purchase. Periodically, unique opportunities to influence the setting in various ways will be made available. By cashing in one of your Universal Credits, you are given the chance to participate in the event.

You could also cash in one of your Universal Credits to receive free product from the company. This would mean free copies of games, before they are officially released. It could also mean special, limited editions, of certain games or other products we produce.

There will also be the opportunity to spend multiple Universal Credits on bigger incentives. Possibilities include your name in the credits of an upcoming book with a "thank you" for your contribution, private events at major gaming conventions, original art, or a variety of other things.

An up-to-date list of incentives and their Universal Credit cost will be kept on this website.

Donations can be made through Paypal via moc.semag-xetrov|loofsuoitneterp#sserdda liam-e siht