The Wastes

The Wastes

Once the nation of Eduin, this region has been reduced to a barren wasteland. Even more inhospitable than the Great Desert, this nation was unsuitable for even the Faceless Ones. In fact, there are only five species of animal know to be able to thrive in this region, as well as a few mutant varieties of standard species. There are currently a series of small "kingdoms" of people, human and non-human, attempting to carve out a living in one of the few areas left uninhabited on the planet.

The so called kingdoms of the Wastes are collectively known as the "100 Kingdoms. " This name is really just that. A name. There is no accurate count of how many kingdoms there really may be in this barren region. Just about every aspect of a kingdom, from government type to population density, from border size to the very make up of the land itself changes on a daily basis.




The Wastes - not being an actual nation - does not have a national currency. Instead, there is a form of barter economy, with goods and services traded for other goods and services. There is thus no need for a definitive currency.






Government Type: Anarchy
Terran Naming Conventions: Any
National Language: None
Current Leader: None
Major Groups: The 100 Kingdoms
Key Locations: None
Neighboring Nations: Shodan, Neopoli
Civilization Traits of The Wastes
Space Sciences: No Accomplishment, Planetary Deities
Engineering Sciences No Accomplishment, Clubs, Rocks
Biological Sciences: No Accomplishment, Superstition, ‘Blood’ Letting
Physical Sciences: No Accomplishment, Fire Building
Planetary Sciences: No Accomplishment, Cave Dwelling Paintings
Psionics Sciences: No Accomplishment, Magic
Magical Sciences: No Accomplishment
Social Sciences: No Accomplishment, individualistic
Cultural Organization: No Accomplishment, Anarchy
Cultural Attitude: No Accomplishment, xenophobic, reclusive