Tiberon (homo pistrix)

Tiberon tend to be tall and lean, with white bodies and odd markings of blue that resemble light reflecting on water. They are roughly human shaped with long "head fins, " large foldable fins attached to their forearms, and smaller fins along their lower legs. Tiberon tend to consider their whole race to be one large family. While they do recognize the distinctions of an individual's of parents and offspirng, the rest of the society is considered one's "brothers and sisters." With the war-like nature of thier society, this does mean any given fight can be seen as a sibling rivalry, or on a grander scale a civil war. The species as a whole is in a period of reproductive stagnation, with the birth and death rates being just about equal. Of greatest note (and horror to many) is the fact that tiberon tend to wear little to no clothing, and seem utterly unbothered by the other species taboos on nudity.










Lifeform Type: Fish/Water Mammal
Average Size: 2.1 meters
Species Type: Humanoid (Arms 2 / Legs 2)
Reproductive Type: Heterosexual (Male/Female)
Age Longevity: 101-150 years/cycles
Civilization Traits of the Tiberon
Space Sciences: Jump Drive, Subspace Telescopes
Engineering Sciences Micromolecular Circuitry, Advanced AI, Ionic Flight
Biological Sciences: Herbology, Farming, Basic Drugs
Physical Sciences: Complex Optics, Rudimentary Chemistry, Gun Powder
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Widely Recognized, Rudimentary understanding of use
Magical Sciences: Documentation in individuals, No Understanding
Social Sciences: Development of social classes, Symbolic commerce
Cultural Organization: No Accomplishment, Anarchy
Cultural Attitude: Self preservative and hostile