A Brief Note on Dates
The history of humanity, as detailed in the timeline, has been divided into a number of different time periods. Just as we currently use the abbreviations of BC (or BCE) and AD to differentiate between major eras in human development, the people of New Earth use their own form of abbreviations. Any date from the history of Earth, before the Exodus, is labeled as Earth Date (ED). This abbreviation replaces AD and BC/BCE (using negative years to indicate BC/BCE periods of time). All dates from the time of the Exodus are DE, or During Exodus. After the arrival on New Earth, time is marked as SE (For Second Empire) or PF (for Pre Fall, referring to the fall of the Second Empire of man). Finally, modern dates are known as AF, for After Fall. All AF dates have been left unlabeled, as the people of New Earth rarely use the abbreviation in common conversation.

Another important note is that many of the dates are approximate. Due to the Great Collapse of 4432, many official records were lost. Among those are the exact dates of many important events Prior to 4400. There are attempts being made to recollect the lost history, but they are slowed by the loss of pre-collapse technologies.

ED= Earth Date All dates before the Migration
DE= During Exodus All dates between the departing of Terra and the discovery of New Earth
PF= Pre Fall All dates prior to the fall of the Second Empire of Man
AF= After Fall All dates after the fall of the Second Empire of Man up to the present. Any date with no abbreviation after it in this timeline is considered to be an AF date.

History of Terra

World War III: The Last 50 Years on Terra

2060 ED World War III.

2063 ED Food shortages prompt riots and looting.

2066 ED Rise in the use of genetically engineered soldiers.

2068 ED Genetic creations rebel, banding together and calling themselves Neohumans.

2070 ED Supply stations raided by mercenary soldiers.

2075 ED Increased use of biological weapons causes civilian deaths.

2079 ED Neohuman commandos strike at both sides.

2082 ED Military warehouses raided by unidentified soldiers.

2087 ED A band of scientists come up with a plan to save humanity.

2088 ED New American president elected, he is a poor leader.

2093 ED Militias strike, overthrowing the president.

2094 ED New leadership of the USA becomes tyrannical.

2098 ED Head military leaders worldwide are assassinated.

2100 ED Generation ships abandoned.

2102 ED Neohumans wage war on mankind.

2104 ED Human culture as we know it ends.

2109 ED Remaining humans escape the Neohumans, using rediscovered generation ships.

The Exodus

The Exodus: The First 4500 Years

0001 DE Humanity begins the long journey to find a new home. Lazarus treatment discovered.

0160 DE First contact with Felinus ends in a 50-year war.

0450 DE The colony ships unite as one Empire, the First Empire of Man.

The Exodus The First Empire of Man

0660 DE Tensions build, leading to a 2-year civil war.

0780 DE Jacob Roberts finds definite proof of psi.

0790 DE A group of people decides to leave the ships to settle a newly found planet.

0850 DE Genetic engineering is perfected.

0920 DE Many disappearances, investigation uncovers the Ellgiem.

1010 DE Another small group decide to colonize a new world.

1090 DE The 13 ship leaders go into cryosleep, leaving the colonists to fight over new leadership.

1110 DE William Blake returns to help guide the colonists through a plague.

1140 DE Various political factions begin to form amongst the ships.

1200 DE Ashley Vance prevents a civil war from dividing the colonists.

1260 DE The colonists enter into a trade agreement with the Felinus.

1400 DE Side effects of the Lazarus Treatment start to occur.

1470 DE The legendary Greys stage an invasion of the ships.

1530 DE First contact with the Bem.

1630 DE A large ship appears on scanner, within a minute it is gone.

1680 DE John Hammer attempts, and fails, to lead the ship.

1720 DE Jacob Roberts awakens to see the state of the ships.

1920 DE The colonists assist a group of Renegade Greys in a migration to a new world.

1980 DE The Renegade Greys begin to cause strife among the varied political factions of the ships.

2030 DE The First Empire of Man falls to petty rivalries, exacerbated by the Renegade Greys. The Renegade Greys take over the ships.

The Exodus: The Grey Occupation

2110 DE The Renegade Greys become factionalized and war with each other.

2190 DE The Renegade Greys, weakened from their prolonged civil war, fall to an attack by the humans.

The Exodus: The Age of Advancement

2190 DE Psionic study begins the classification of psi talents.

2280 DE The colonists discover a cache of minerals, providing the raw materials needed to repair and improve the ships.

2330 DE Repair and upgrade of the ships finishes, as well as the addition of additional living space for thousands of families. Work begins on the construction of a 14th colony ship.

2400 DE Scott Champion returns to lead the fleet into a golden age.

2450 DE Work on the 14th colony ship is ended when an unknown saboteur plants an explosive device in the work site. The resulting explosion kills the entire work crew.

2510 DE The colony ship EFS Alistair disappears.

The Exodus: The Age of Waste

2640 DE Genetically altered Neohumans find themselves tracking the original Exodus generation ships. They slip onboard and impregnate the slightly radiated chimpanzees undetected. Use the time vehicle again to return home, but a malfunction creates a wormhole which destroys them and the time vehicle in the process. Wormhole activity results in the ships being transported thousands of light years off of their original course.

2641 DE Anzee are birthed aboard all colony ships.

2710 DE Testing of an experimental power source results in the near destruction of the fleet. It takes 10 years of constant work to rebuild.

2750 DE The first test of subspace beam weapons (SSBW)

2790 DE Valerie Baur is thawed prematurely when an electrical mishap causes one of the ships to start an auto destruct sequence. The crew is able to calmly deal with the problem thanks to the help of Valerie.

2810 DE Salvage from past battles is rediscovered, plans to begin improvements to the ships begins.

The Exodus: The Rebirth

2930 DE Fleet wide improvements are finished.

2970 DE Contact with the Proto.

3020 DE A religion based around star worship is formed, and soon becomes the most widely practiced religion in the fleet.

The Exodus: The End Wars

3220 DE The EFS Newton rebels, refusing to join the newly formed Counsel of Ships. After an extended war with the Counsel, the Newton finally agrees to join.

3280 DE The fleet, under the leadership of the Counsel, battle with the Felinus in a war lasting over 100 years.

3330 DE Using the technology gained from a group of captured Felinus, the ships are retrofitted with improved offensive and defensive capabilities.

3390 DE Gideon Reef awakens and leads the Counsel in rebuilding after the Felinus War.

3500 DE The Proto on the ships form an Empire of their own.

3550 DE William Blake discovers a way to combat viruses, resulting in the elimination of thousands of ailments.

3610 DE The Counsel, having become corrupt and archaic, is disbanded in a revolution.

3620 DE The colonists come across a derelict ship that is very badly damaged, and that appeared to be abandoned. No known alien weaponry could have done the amount of damage this ship has taken. A party of security officers, armed with the latest in weapons tech, board and explore the ship. A couple of hours into the exploration of the ship all communications go dead. An hour later communications are reinitiated, with the sounds of weapons fire and the party dying.

3680 DE The Proto Empire falls.

3710 DE The Proto leave the fleet when a new habitable world is discovered.

3730 DE Discovery of the Methuselah Effect.

3770 DE Rhonda Eden is thawed to help lead the fleet.

3820 DE The EFS Rorschach malfunctions and explodes. Only half of the colonists aboard, as well as everyone in cryosleep, survive.

The Exodus: The Last 2000 Years

3950 DE A group of genetically enhanced humans stage a revolution for equal rights.

4000 DE Eric Rauter’s work on the Resource Recycling System of the ships boosts food and water supplies tremendously.

4050 DE Humanity enters into a golden age.

New Earth: Pre Fall

The Colonization of New Earth

0000 PF Discovery and colonization of New Earth. (4110 DE)

0700 PF The cataclysm.

1600 PF Liiz'a Robrz'n appears and unites the world.

Second Empire of Man: The Beginning

2600 PF Second Empire of Man forms.

2630 PF Dark Ryder appears to help guide the Second Empire of Man.

2660 PF The Second Empire of Man crusades to cleanse the world of non-humans.

2680 PF Dark Ryder stops the war against non-humans.

2770 PF The Second Empire experiences a strong resurgence of religion.

2870 PF Glen Hail resurfaces to lead humanity.

2970 PF Evidence is discovered linking Andrew Wilking, the Imperial heir, with a plot to assassinate Emperor Maximilian Wilking II.

3010 PF The Second Empire raids Nerther lands in search of natural resources.

Second Empire of Man: The Schism

3050 PF A group of scientists are exiled to the Northern Reaches.

3060 PF The outcasts in the Northern Reaches discover the secret of cold fusion.

3100 PF The Second Empire enters a trade agreement with the Felinus Bobcats.

3160 PF The scientists exiled to the Northern Reaches revolt against their guards, forming an arctic nation dedicated to science.

3200 PF The scientists of the Northern Reaches crusade to eradicate the Yikari Yak Men.

3230 PF Nerther protectorates of the Second Empire rebel.

3270 PF The Second Empire crusades to retake the Nerther protectorates that were lost 40 years ago.

3280 PF The Second Empire's religious orders enter the crusade to either convert or eradicate the "heathen" Nerthers.

3310 PF Destiny Nelson resurfaces to warn the Second Empire about the signs of their societal breakdown.

3320 PF The Northern Reaches suffer repeated defeats to the Yikari Yak Men, resulting in a decline in their borders.

3340 PF The Second Empire finally ends its crusades, expanding the reach of their borders to encompass 90% of the world.

Second Empire of Man: The Last Century

3430 PF The original charges brought against the exiled scientists are revealed to have been untrue. An expedition is sent to the Northern Reaches, but no sign is found of the exiles.

3480 PF The Society for Democracy forms, and immediately makes a name for itself by holding protests and starting riots worldwide.

3485 PF The Society for Democracy starts to publish anti-Empire propaganda.

3488 PF Corruption of the Empire's army is investigated. By the end of the year almost 1/3 of the soldiers have been dishonorably discharged.

3492 PF The Society of Democracy reveals its newly raised army. A civil war ensues.

3494 PF Increased use of biological weapons causes civilian deaths.

3498 PF The Empire is invaded by "barbarians" from the non-Empire lands.

3500 PF Second Empire of Man falls.

New Earth: After Fall

Rebuilding After the Fall

0030 Some of the more militant researchers in the Northern Reaches rebel and leave the compound. (3530PF)

0270 An icequake causes the citizens of the Northern Reaches to migrate further south, towards a more hospitable climate. (3800PF)

0500 Aegyptus is founded from the ashes of the Second Empire of Man.

0600 Kelshland is founded.

The New World War

0700 New World War.

0800 Shodan becomes a nation.

0900 The nations of Azatlan, Corvus, and Empire form.

0970 The Ice Caves of the Yikari Mountains are discovered. (4500PF)

1370 In the Northern Reaches John Hammer aids in the expansion of the settlement. (4900 PF)

1500 Assadollah Jirdu shows up in Aegyptus and leads a revolution to free the slaves.

1570 Explorers from the Northern Reaches are sent to map the Ice Caves. The maps they return with turn out to be so completely inaccurate as to be useless. (5100 PF)

1600 Shodani testing of a prototype stardrive results in a massive explosion. The shock wave is felt half way around the world.

1900 Azatlan and Corvus war with each other over cultural differences. Empire and Kelshland are nearly destroyed when an experimental bomb is detonated in the Holerian Ocean. The State of Orita secedes from the nation of Corvus.

An Era of Recovery

2170 The exiles in the Northern Reaches move further south after a pod of snow sharks decide to claim the area of the colony as their home. (5700 PF)

2200 Shodan, unable to rebuild totally after the devastation they sustained in the explosion in 1600, falls.

2300 Empire is hit by a tsunami, leaving much of the nation's coastal regions in ruins.

2500 Aegyptus expands its borders to include more of the continent. Columbius is founded.

2570 John Hammer leaves the exiles in the Northern Reaches in order to explore the arctic continent, he is never seen again. (6100 PF)

The Age of Discovery

2600 Magic is discovered. Shodan rises from its own ashes, a much wiser and stable country. Columbius experiences a period of religious excellence. The nation of Etas forms.

2700 The College of Magical Studies opens its doors in Corvus. Kelshland gains more power, as well as land. Chukai is founded.

2900 The first dragon is sighted in Shodan.

3090 Empire sets up the colony of Aria. Aria immediately severs ties with its parent nation.

3100 Etas crusades to rid the world of all technology.

3150 One of the islands that make up Empire is invaded, becoming the nation of Krytas.

3170 The Northern Reaches war with the Yikari, yet again (6700 PF). Krytas wars with Empire in an attempt to expand its borders.

The Age of Growth and Prosperity

3200 Erastu is founded. Azatlan is hit by a major fire, which destroys over half of the country's rain forests. Dark Ryder returns to guide the use of magic.

3240 Empire is seized by a massive rebellion, which is eventually dealt with. Krytas wars over unclaimed lands, ending in the founding of Rikaria.

3270 The Northern Reaches, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Yikari, set off a sonic disruptor device. The resulting ice quakes, avalanches, and blizzards nearly destroy both the Yikari and the Colony (6800 PF).

3290 The nation of Rikaria crumbles under the weight of weak leadership.

3310 Dark Ryder appears in Krytas to prevent scientists from causing a second cataclysm.

3350 Erastu experiences wars over the leadership of the nation.

3352 Eduin is founded.

3360 Kazaad forms. Krytas experiences a powerful earthquake, tearing the nation apart. The state of Queran claims independence from Krytas, forming a new country.

3380 Aegyptus thwarts an invasion attempt coming from Kazaad. Kezula and Anij founded.

3390 Empire colonizes the island of Laban. Laban severs ties with Empire.

The Age of Strife and Union

3400 Columbius wars with neighboring territories over land ownership. Stewart Hillian comes up with the theory for the creation of the jump drive. Erika Regnell leads the most successful rebellion in the history of Krytas, effectively leading the nation for 3 years.

3410 Krytas colonizes surrounding lands.

3420 Queran is gripped by a revolution of the working class.

3430 Aegyptus wars with Anij over land. Ciduinyo is founded. Dark Ryder arrives in Kezula to warn the scientists there of the dangers in playing around with alien technology.

3450 Lanaa and Corech are founded. Humanity prospers worldwide.

3470 Aegyptian separatists rebel against the Pharaoh Taman-ajir. Kiral and Aniria are founded. Laban becomes embroiled in worldwide politics. A war with Empire ends with the creation of the country of Ramagin.

3480 The first successful bionic limb replacement surgery is performed in Kiral. Kezulan researchers discovery a series of caves containing clues about the origin of the native human inhabitants of the planet. Ciduinyo enters battle with the raiders of the Great Desert in hope of gaining more land.

3490 In Erastu a cult of Dragon Worshipers is rooted out and dealt with. Empire is nearly destroyed by the poor leadership of George Chambers.

3500 Azatlan is torn apart by volcanic and seismic activity. Columbius suffers from a civil war. Etas, taking advantage of the chaos, raids Azatlan. Dark Ryder averts a natural cataclysm in Corvus.

3510 The Church of the Repentant Savior in Krytas expands its influence, starting in Lanaa.

3520 Corech attempts to start a colony in the Ocean of Tyral. Ramagin experiences a revolution, overthrowing the despotic ruler.

3530 Kezulan exploration of the caves uncovers more of the mysterious past of New Earth. The Kingdom of Intin takes over a small portion of Corvus, founding a new nation. Queran's government falls, causing the nation to be absorbed into the surrounding countries. Shodani priests of Zenrachi raise the level of religion within the nation.

3540 Aegyptus expands its borders. Wraku'Gi-ni and Viitus are founded. The nation of Chukai falls. Dark Ryder reappears to help the world form the United Confederation of Free States (UCFS), a United Nations for the new home of Humanity.

3550 Erastu's economy crumbles and the nation falls.

3560 The Cult of the Silenced Tongue rises to prominence in Aria. Lanaa trades their remaining natural resources away in an attempt to boost their failing economy. Rularia is founded. Exploration of the Great Desert by the Aegyptians proves its inhabitability when the explorers get lost.

3570 A rebellion in Columbius ends in tragedy when an education center is blown up, killing hundreds. Laban is invaded by refugees from Ramagin after a tsunami wipes out 30% of Ramagin's cities. Viitus, still suffering from the initial problems of a new nation, wars over leadership.

3580 Aegyptus invents the first e-cell, the battery sized energy packs used to power lasers. Shodan crusades to teach the world the way of Zenrachi.

3590 Kazaad starts the first government-sponsored study of psi powers in the world. Etas attacked from the sea by colonists from Viitus.

The Age of War and Invasion

3600 Citizens of Azatlan suffer after a locust swarm nearly destroys the entire food production of the nation. Istan is founded. Krytas crumbles under the iron will of Empire's Army.

3610 Azatlan, unable to fully recover from the locusts of 10 years ago, slips into debt and comes close to crumbling. Empire enters a trade agreement with the Greys, Grey technology for Empire "volunteers". Kukali is founded after a war with the weakened Kelshland. Intin expands its borders.

3620 Azatlan recovers from the devastating locusts and immediately retakes its lost land. Corechian military officers revolt, overthrowing the government and instating martial law. Florent is founded. The government of Lanaa falls into bankruptcy.

3630 Riaku, Whitestone, and Vyeat are founded. Felinus attempt an invasion of New Earth

3640 Kelshland starts a crusade against the use of psi.

3650 Nikay is founded and immediately enters into a period of religious bliss.

3660 Whitestone sends out deep-sea exploration vehicles to attempt to begin mapping the ocean floor. The raiders of the Great Desert are united as a single entity by Mohammed al-Zouhayli.

3670 Florent wars with, and eventually absorbs, Istan. Kelshland uses the principles of jump drive theory to invent anti-grav technology.

3680 Colonization of unclaimed lands, later to be known as the Glorious Brotherhood. Cyborg Revolution.

3690 Empire suppresses a sect of druidic fundamentalists. Ramagin forms the Mages Conclave. The Seventh Body is founded. Phajol Sudhisodhi leads the government of Orita in stopping a major revolution.

3700 Rularia and Anij fall.

3710 Corvus is overrun by a death cult.

3720 Azatlan expands its borders. Doren and Sylvera are founded.

3730 Aegyptus grows in economic power. Kiral's weak government finally causes the collapse of the nation. Riaku attempts to establish a colony.

3740 Corech and Laban mount an exploration of the world's moons.

3750 The Raiders of the Great Desert revolt against their current leader. Lapisin and Majij founded.

3760 Worldwide adoption of the Universal Credit.

3770 Doren invents nanotechnology, but the technology is still problematic. Glorious Brotherhood gains major power within the United Confederation of Free States. Los Carnos is founded. The nation of Vyeat falls. Whitestone's churches continue to gain power.

3780 The Shodani Imperial Army is investigated for possible United Confederation of Free States Standards of War infractions. The churches of Whitestone gain worldwide notice.

3790 Ramagin fights off an invasion force of the Felinus. The first successful cybernetic implantation occurs in Ciduinyo. Dark Ryder appears in Wraku'Gi-ni to avert a natural cataclysm.

The Age of Expansion

3800 Discovery of the magic negating powers of the Simi in Majij. Nikay is plagued by a group of neo-druids.

3810 Azik and Urdainia founded. Radicals in Corech start the Church of the Last Revival. The Great Desert is found to be a base of operations for a terrorist organizations known as the Unfinished Circle. Kelshland expands its borders. Etas is invaded by the dinosaur-like Saurians. Shodan improves the EMP shield.

3820 Azatlan employs the use of psi-empowered soldiers to fight Great Desert rebels. Los Carnos mounts an expedition and exploration of the solar system. Rise in use of the Universal Credit allows many corporations to purchase the lives of their employees.

3830 Aegyptus attacks Columbius in hopes of conquering them, war ensues. Azik rebels against the United Confederation of Free States and is punished. Intin falls.

3840 The Church of the Last Revival finds its way to Aegyptus. Ramagin, unable to fully recover from the disasters plaguing it for the last century, finally falls. Ciduinyo invents the first thinking machine (AI).

3850 Aria is the next nation to become involved with the Church of the Last Revival. Ta-fir and Urusa founded. Kazaad scientists perform research on the wormhole formed between the dual suns of this solar system. Glorious Brotherhood begins plans for starting colonies in other nations of the world. Astronomers in Viitus discover a vast series of underground tunnels on the moon Luna.

3860 Corech attempts to colonize Luna. Lanaa allowed entrance into the Mages Conclave. Equerad is founded.

3870 Military outposts in Los Carnos are raided by the Unfinished Circle. Northern Reaches discovers vibranite, a metal with energy absorbing/discharging properties (7400 PF).

3880 Pasia is founded. Riaku discovers the power of chi. Equerad gains power in the United Confederation of Free States. Nikay falls. Corporations worldwide begin accumulating power, ending in the creation of the first “corporate nations”, corporations with the ability to make their own governing laws.

3890 Luxor is founded.

3900 Lapisin is invaded by the Church of the Last Revival. Tamarine Saipradit launches a crusade that revolutionizes the churches of Equerad.

3910 Kazaad makes plans for colonization of other worlds. Corech wars with Viitus over territory on Luna. Church of the Last Revival finds its way to Luxor. The Aztech Corporate nation lobbies the UCFS for corporate right to vote as sovereign nations.

3920 Aegyptus revolutionizes AI. Empire is investigated by the United Confederation of Free States for possible human rights violations. The Church of the Last Revival establishes itself in Kukali. Luxor enters a period of decadence, partially brought on by the Church of the Last Revival. Expansion to and colonization of other worlds.

3930 Avalion, Sebany, and Le Grande Marche are founded. Kelshland sets up the first non-United Confederation of Free States off world colony. Daniel Appleton's poor leadership decisions nearly ruin Corvus. Dark Ryder appears in Viitus to aid in the nation's growth.

3940 Asan and the Inean Refuge are founded. Etas and Ciduinyo race to build a reliable jump drive. The Raiders of the Great Desert disband into smaller tribes. Church of the Last Revival establishes itself in Riaku.

3950 The Glorious Brotherhood experiences widespread good fortune as the world rediscovers true religion. Lanaa is invaded by the alien Fenri. Church of the Last Revival opens its doors to the citizens of Majij.

3960 Doren becomes ground zero for biological testing by the Unfinished Circle. Kelshland crusades to eliminate the Church of the Last Revival. Viitus suffers when the Unfinished Circle instigate a rebellion.

3970 Jump Drive perfected. Kazaad is saved from certain destruction, thanks to Dark Ryder. Florent is hit by a wave of natural disasters, caused by the experiments of Amintore Vescio.

3980 Vasy is formed. Aegyptus is linked with the Unfinished Circle, the allegations are later found to be untrue. Sebany sets up an off world colony. Columbius is divided by a civil war. Dark Ryder's appearance in Ta-Fir ushers in a golden age for the small nation. Wraku'Gi-ni is torn apart by a war between the humans and the Proto who have attempted to settle there, until Dark Ryder shows up to end the war. After the failed attempt to gain UCFS recognition, the corporate nations begin to buy their way through issues they deem important.

3990 Alessandro Koprula aids in the colonization of new territories by Asan.

The Century of Exploration

4000 Urdainia establishes an off world colony. Lapisin is saved from an epic war by Dark Ryder.

4010 Doren explores the space beyond the wormhole. Nipoch is founded. The Church of the Last Revival becomes established in Riaku and Orita. Kelshland is ravaged by a mini-cataclysm, caused inadvertently by the legendary Dark Ryder.

4020 Colony Secession Wars. Laban improves on the Jump Drive design to create the Near Light Speed Drive (NLS Drive). The Church of the Last Revival establishes itself in Empire and Lanaa. Ciduinyo government officials rebel against the United Confederation of Free States. Viitus begins a crusade against those with psi.

4030 Aniria improves the NLS Drive, creating the Sub-Light Speed Drive (SLS Drive). Avalion improves upon the SLS Drive, creating the first Light Speed Drive. Enitar is founded. The Great Desert is linked with the Unfinished Circle again. Church of the Last Revival gains political leverage in Luxor.

4040 Aegyptus sends colonists through the wormhole. Nanotech becomes widely used due to improvements by Asan scientists. Glorious Brotherhood officially denounces the Church of the Last Revival. Salaridan and Unala are founded. Lucio Abreu leads Azatlan, becoming the strongest leader the country has ever seen. Mistreatment of employee/citizens by corporate nations becoming worldwide news, dubbed the “corporate situation”, it is considered to be out of hand.

4050 The Church of the Last Revival gains power in Whitestone.

4060 Kezula improves on SSBW technology, creating Near Light Speed Beam Weapons (NLSBW). Lapisin begins a war with the newly formed Colonial Congress in an attempt to regain their lost colonies.

4070 Sebany crusades to rid their nation of all cyborgs. Vasy is raided by Unfinished Circle members. Dark Ryder destroys himself in Florent to show the danger of drawing on to much magical power.

4080 The Mages Conclave removes the ban keeping Wraku'Gi-ni from joining. Viitus officials attempt to infiltrate the Seventh Body. The Church of the Last Revival gains a following in Avalion.

4090 Empire and the Inean Refuge send colonists through the wormhole. Siloquin is founded.

The Century of Plagues

4100 A list of Unfinished Circle members finds its way out of the Great Desert. Kelshland falls onto hard times, its borders shrinking as neighboring nations snatch up land. Psi Revolution.

4110 Doren and Shodan become the next targets in the Church of the Last Revival's expansion. Luxor's borders are expanded. Urdainia crusades to rid the world of all psi users.

4120 The Church of the Last Revival gains power in Aria. The Church of the Last Revival and The Unfinished Circle (a terrorist group) are revealed to be the same group. Corech is punished by the United Confederation of Free States for their support of the Church. The Great Desert's tribes, as a result of involvement with the Unfinished Circle, suffer greatly from the weakening if the terrorists.

4130 Kazaad, Orita, and Columbius are named as conspirators during the trials of the members of the Unfinished Circle. The Glorious Brotherhood instigates rebellions within the Church of the Last Revival. Wraku'Gi-ni, having slowly been getting further and further in debt, finally collapses under the weight of its debts. Empire invents a device to monitor the thoughts of citizens, resulting in an increase in arrests and a decrease in crime. Kelshland recovers from its slump, regaining the majority of the territories they lost. Kier na Teg is founded. Majij enlists the help of the nations of the world in a crusade to rid the world of the Church of the Last Revival. Ciduinyo and Enitar fall. Eduin attacks the colonies on Luna.

4140 Salaridan becomes the center for a band of dragon worshipers. Aztech, Starbrite, and I-Tel corporate nations enter into an agreement to consolidate all world production into themselves, driving all other corporations out of business. The former nation of Eduin, now a protectorate of the Glorious Brotherhood, is struck by a series of disasters. By the end of the year the once lush region is nothing but a barren wasteland incapable of sustaining life. It is now called The Wastes.

4150 Kezulan priests are able to reform the country, saving it from the inevitable fall. Whitestone attempts to purge the remaining followers of the Church of the Last Revival from their nation. Riaku allies with the Colonial Congress in the hopes of regaining a bit of control over their colonies.

4160 Glorious Brotherhood attempts colonization of The Wastes. Voyud and Zuru founded.

4170 Viitus plots to overthrow the leadership of the United Confederation of Free States. The Colonial Congress is given a seat in the United Confederation of Free States. Kukali attacks some of the colony worlds, hoping to gain some influence in the Colonial Congress. Lyraek and West Nipoch are founded.

4180 Aniria gains power in the United Confederation of Free States by allying with the Colonial Congress. Azatlan improves on NLSBW technology, creating Sub-Light Speed Beam Weapons (SLSBW). Columbius is targeted by the United Confederation of Free States for punishment for their involvement with the Unfinished Circle. Uik is founded.

4190 Ta-Fir discovers X-10, an ultra-hard ultra-light metal compound. Faceless Ones invade the planet. East Nipoch is hit hardest by Faceless One biological warfare.

The Faceless One Invasion

4200 Aegyptus and Salaridan team up to explore Erebus, one of the planet's two unexplored moons. Dindraku, Seker, and Lozzo founded. Kezula raids Faceless One Ships. Le Grande Marche attempt to start a trade agreement with the Faceless Ones.

4210 Aria improves on SLSBW technology, creating Light Speed Beam Weapons (LSBW). Lapisin is hit by a revolution, overthrowing the peaceful government with a more militaristic one. Shodan is finally able to finalize a trade agreement with the Dragon Kingdom within their borders. Vienceslav Suprianto opens his own school of magic in Doren, without the assistance or permission of the College of Magical Studies.

4220 Unala starts up a colony on the moon Erebus.

4230 Aniria attacks, and retakes, their lost colonies. Siloquin colonizes the moon Celestia. Silvervale and Dir'akul are founded. The Aztech/Starbrite/I-Tel alliance falls apart after a Starbrite operative is caught attempting to steal documents from I-Tel.

4240 East Nipoch enforces a national religion, eradicating all outside religions practices. Equerad is nearly torn apart as various factions war over leadership. Yntir is founded and forms the Magic Corps, a replacement for the antiquated Mages Conclave.

4250 Aegyptian rebels take control of key cities, ensuring the eventual fall of the current government. Kezula joins Siloquin in the Celestia colony. Laban attempts to form a psychic version of the Magic Corps, but inner conflicts cause the organization to fall apart in under a year. Salaridan falls. Vasy is nearly invaded by the Faceless Ones. A VR borne plague sweeps the globe.

4260 Inean Refuge sets up the first undersea colony, called the Atlantis Biodome. Kier na Teg is implicated in the creation of the VR Plague of 4250. Ta-Fir takes action against Kier na Teg. Zuru attempts to set up a colony within the Ga Belt.

4270 Kazaad's churches unite as one faith. The Seventh Body applies for position in the UCFS, as a separate entity from any nation (the application is denied). The exiles in the Northern Reaches explore the more southern areas of the arctic continent (7800 PF).

4280 The churches of Azik join together. The Magic Corps gains power, becoming equal in influence to the rival Mages Conclave. Shodani churches unite under a single religious banner. Silvervale is subject to investigation by the Colonial Congress, backed by the United Confederation of Free States, for possible human rights violations. Viitus's loss of importance in the United Confederation of Free States, coupled with a declining economy, force the nation to disband. Doren is brought to the brink of destruction when Dark Ryder appears with a legion of demon-bikers and attacks the struggling nation.

4290 Le Grande Marche invades one of the Faceless One ships, the invasion force is never heard from again. Seker is hit by Faceless One biological weapons. Brown & Keets Corporate nation successfully gains entry into the UCFS.

4300 Dindraku troops invade the Felinus home world. Lozzo colonists invade and take over the Atlantis Biodome. Riaku falls. Suludan is founded.

4310 Great Desert invents special distillation gear for desert survival. Sylvera begins an expedition to explore the surface of Purgatos. Sebany is scandalized when Cara Lapan's politically inflammatory writing gains her world renown.

4320 Equerad falls. The Wastes are invaded by Faceless Ones, but prove to be uninhabitable even by the alien race.

4330 Anirian and Asani churches begin to combine with each other as a way to increase attendance. Northern Reaches creates a tropical zone in the middle of the tundra (7860 PF). Pasia's government is overthrown in a bloody coup. The Wastes are once again ravaged, this time by Faceless One "flayer bombs". Zung-hwan founds the Cult of the Jade Pupil in Corech.

4340 Dindraku wars with, and conquers, the nation of Urdainia. Seker creates the first AI compatible robots. The Seventh Body and the Mages Conclave enter into a series of contests to prove which science is more adaptable and powerful. Yntir mounts an expedition into the Northern Reaches. Consolidation of religion, resulting in formation of Unified Brotherhood of Theologians (UBT). Dark Ryder prevents a war between the humans and the non-humans in Florent. The scattered tribes of people attempting to live in The Wastes war with each other. The Wastes expand due in part to the flayer bomb after effects.

4350 Majij reinstates the Church of the Last Revival. The Great Desert is scandalized by the return of the Church of the Last Revival. Inean Refuge conquers the colonial forces on Erebus, gaining control of the colonies there. The Unified Brotherhood of Theologians influence in Lozzo grows. Shodan falls on hard times. The Magic Corps loses power due to internal strife.

4360 The Magic Corps' loss of power spirals the organization into relative obscurity. Unala opens up the first all-faiths house of worship outside of the Glorious Brotherhood. Whitestone accepts Unified Brotherhood of Theologians leadership of their nation. Suludan is graced by the appearance of Dark Ryder, who helps unite the various religions into one church. Sylvera takes the war with the Faceless Ones to the Faceless One ships. Failure in the attempt to defeat the Faceless Ones once and for all causes the people of Sylvera to doubt their leadership. The Sylveran population ousts their leadership in favor of a more moderate government.

4370 Aegyptus expands its borders. The Mages Conclave absorbs the ailing Magic Corps, turning it into a magical police force. The death of Empire's iron fisted ruler prompts a civil war to determine the new leadership. Luxor severs all trade agreements with the rest of the world. Vicitius, Roku, Schofenshire, and Wehra are founded. Orita falls. Sylvera is hit by a scandal that prompts the nation to close its borders. Aegyptus baffles the world with the announcement that they will no longer put up with the demands of the United Confederation of Free States. Aegyptus has a civil war over their denouncing the United Confederation of Free States. Kelshland is brought to the brink of war by internal rivalries. Sylvera is attacked, invaded, and occupied by the Dolphi.

4380 Corech revolutionizes interstellar travel and shipping by creating AI piloted spacecraft. The kingdoms of the Great Desert crumble and revert to a more tribal/caravan style. Heranis and Haute are founded. Aegyptus is brought to the brink of ruin by Zatayt Khalil. Schofenshire wars with the colonies. Pasia invades the Inean Refuge. Azatlani officials discover evidence linking the increase in crime to a mysterious man known only as "Mr. Jones", an investigation follows. Azatlan citizenry rebel against the police state imposed by the search for Mr. Jones.

4390 Corvus temporarily falls to a Pasia army. Faceless Ones defeated, lulling humanity into a state of decadence. Aigno, Kenam, Tripon, Senoris, and D'Gran are founded. Aegyptus ends their protest of the United Confederation of Free States and petitions for admittance. East Nipoch, Lyraek, and Florent, expand their borders. Glorious Brotherhood investigates allegations of corruption within the church. Haute invades Urusa. The old government in Empire is overthrown in a revolution. The leaders of the Northern Reaches uncover a cult practicing the religion of the Yikari Yak Men (7920 PF). Equerad's slow decline into destruction ends when Empire annexes the dying nation. Far Reach Enterprises, a corporate nation, begins a worldwide advertising campaign to boost their population. Aigno is invaded by Ellgiem. Factions in Kelshland nearly force the nation into a civil war. Seker is attacked by an army of genetically altered humans, calling themselves the Enhanced. Sylvera is raided by a group of the Enhanced. Urusa is revealed to be the nation controlling the Enhanced. Asan is raided by the weakened Faceless Ones. Sylveran officials block Azatlani access in the investigation for "Mr. Jones". Empire recovers from difficult times thanks to the efforts and leadership of Victor Asmodeus. The Azatlani population rebels against the police state. Aegyptus is weakened by infighting among its leadership. Pasia is scandalized by the revelation of their manipulation of the Glorious Brotherhood. Urusa is invaded by a group of Greys. The raiders of the Great Desert are united by Hammad el Kheir. East Nipoch discovers that the nation of Haute has been providing information on the human defenses to the Faceless Ones. The tribes of the Great Desert war with each other.

The Modern Age: Pre-Collapse

4400 Aigno is raided by the Bem. The Glorious Brotherhood is divided by petty feuds among the clergy. Inean Refuge becomes the breeding ground for a new age of cult activity. Majij discovers the ruins of a lost civilization deep in their forests. Ordan is founded. The nation of Shodan suffers when their leader dies unexpectedly, leaving no apparent heir.

4402 Okadia and Enlabu are founded. Pasia invaded by Tripon. Faceless Ones step up the attacks worldwide, effectively taking over the world.

4403 Aegyptus rebels against the Faceless One occupation. Florent is attacked by the Dolphi. Haute is invaded, and freed, by the Felinus.

4404 The people of the world unite long enough to overthrow and defeat the Faceless Ones once again. Aigno is discovered to be harboring known Faceless One agents. The Glorious Brotherhood starts a rebellion against the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians, which is quickly suppressed. Ushi is founded.

4405 Corvus wars with Shodan. Zuru is raided by soldiers from the Inean Refuge, on their way to Shodan to aid Corvus in the war.

4406 Azatlan's failed attempt to negotiate with a tribe of Felinus settlers leads to bloodshed. The Inean Refuge mounts an internal purging of cults. Shodan is nearly torn apart by a civil war. Albarz is founded.

4408 Seker is divided by political differences, but the nation does not fall. Sylvera is raided by a group of renegade mages fleeing the Magic Corps. The Free State of Alban is founded.

4410 The people of Pasia panic when the nation is attacked by the Proto. Florent raids the Atlantis Biodome, leaving the colonists there short on food. Sylvera investigates the disappearance of an entire classroom of children with their teachers. Ta-Fir is found to be the home of a cult of death worshipers. Veran wi- Dria is founded. All corporate nations allowed entry into the UCFS, the deciding vote being cast by Brown & Keets.

4411 Ordan is attacked by an advance ship of Felinus Bobcats.

4414 The Glorious Brotherhood feuds with the Colonial Congress over attempts to integrate them with the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians. The citizens of Schofenshire rebel, resulting in many of them leaving for the colonies. Shodan removes itself from world affairs with no explanation or warning. The Free State of Alban, Pasia, and Urusa, band together to attack the off world colonies. Veran wi-Dria is scandalized by colonial accusations of threats. The United Confederation of Free States and Colonial Congress split.

4416 Bryant and Kunis are founded. The Great Desert is invaded by Aegyptian soldiers bent on eradicating the desert raiders once and for all.

4417 Bavin and The Hinterlands are founded. The Raiders of the Great Desert are able to drive out the Aegyptian invaders. Pasia raids the colonies on Luna. The people of Shodan divide into smaller factions based on political philosophy.

4418 Chiran is founded. Empire invades a small island off their coast, ousting the freedom fighters that had been sheltering there. Jiros is founded. Kelshland has a civil war. Kunis vies for control of the United Confederation of Free States. Veran wi-Drian citizens rebel against the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians, declaring religion illegal within their borders. Lyonn founded by Lorenzo Locke, the religious heretic. Mutants rebel worldwide.

4419 Fummo is founded. Veran wi-Dria is scandalized when a civilian aerial transport is shot down from their skies.

4420 Aniria mounts an expedition to explore the newly discovered site of an apparent spacecraft's crash. Kazaad's decline in power forces the nation to split. Le Grande Marche announces an open threat to anyone found harboring Faceless Ones. Los Carnos mounts a crusade to convert the few remaining countries to the light, forcing them to accept the Unified Brotherhood of Theologians. Unala nearly falls, due in part to the machinations of Sylvera and Voyud. Etas reveals the Sylvera/Voyud treachery. Dark Ryder leads Avalion into a golden age. Lanaa is engages in initial explorations of the solar system, with the aid of Dark Ryder.

4422 Enlabu becomes embroiled in a plot to discover the secret that united the original colonists with the Nerthers centuries ago. Corvus wars with Empire.

4423 Aniria discovers evidence of a nearly all-powerful worldwide organization. Assaly, Atox, and Ewlet are founded. Corvus suffers from internal wars. West Nipoch is severely weakened by an increase in the wolf population, causing the local ecosystem to go out of whack.

4424 Cadizaar is founded. Ewlet's leadership is thrown out in a bloody coup. Fummo has an outbreak of the VR disease. Raiders from the Great Desert almost succeed in invading Aegyptus. Shodan's Empress Miura Emiko (known to historians as Miura IV) greatly expands her nation's power.

4425 Katal is founded. Luxor investigates the organization discovered by Aniria a few years back. The factions within Shodan start to war. The Hinterlands are invaded by the Yikari Yak Men. The mutants of the Wastes and the mutants of D'Gran war with each other.

4426 Yntir is attacked by genetic creations from Majij. Calvin Hunter stages a coup in Lyonn, taking leadership and almost ruining the nation.

4427 Genetic creations from Majij attack Dindraku. The Hinterlands war with the Yikari Yak Men. Veran wi-Dria is devastated when a horrible beast escapes from a genetic testing facility. Fummo, West Nipoch, Lapisin, and Zuru band together to reform the Unfinished Circle, this time as an organization to rival the United Confederation of Free States instead of a terrorist organization.

4428 Chadan, Fordu, and Phyrri are founded. East Nipoch reveals the Unfinished Circle's newest founders to the United Confederation of Free States. Corvan/Empire war escalates

4429 Bavin, Luxor, Urusa, and the Free State of Alban are attacked by Faceless Ones. Ewlet is hit hard by Faceless One biological weapons. Shodan cuts itself off from the rest of the world, stating only that they must "prepare for the approaching doom". Ungre is founded.

4430 Aegyptus is assaulted by the Faceless Ones. Bavin investigates Faceless One attacks, looking for a pattern. D'Gran attacks Empire. Scientists in Kukali revolutionize nanotechnology, making it widely used. Fritz Vogel, a citizen of Corech, discovers the source of magic.

4431 Chadan and Dinraku become rivals in the race to set up a space station. Empire's inner circle argue, prompting a civil war. Heranis is invaded by a band of renegade mages, lead by the 16 year old Marcus Michaels. Isles of Hexane are founded. Lyonn is hit by scandal when Calvin Hunter convicts Lord Locke of treason. Vortex Station, the first AI/nanotech station is built and populated by the United Confederation of Free States.

The Year of the Collapse

4432 Bavin and Laban are invaded by Faceless Ones. The Glorious Brotherhood attempts to break free of Unified Brotherhood of Theologians control. Urusa is invaded by Marcus Michaels. The Magic Corps, College of Magical Studies, and Mages Conclave unanimously ban Marcus Michaels and his followers from membership in any magic related organization. Tarax is founded. In a bizarre twist of fate, a dual cataclysm of rogue nanobots and a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) destroys the majority of the world's technology. Shodan is left mostly untouched by the EMP thanks to their EMP shielding, but the nanobots still cause widespread devastation. Vortex Station malfunctions, killing crew and drifting off into space. Corporate nations fall with the devaluing of the Universal Credit.

The Modern Age: Post-Collapse

4433 Aegyptians rebel against their government in the wake of the Great Collapse. Empire barely prevents a rebellion. Florent, Luxor, and Ungre feud over remaining tech. Aigno raids Pasia, in search of technology. Hollenstad and Oria are founded.

4434 Dindraku is hurt by the increase in biological weapons. The raiders of the Great Desert rebel against Aegyptian dictators. Suludan is investigated for releasing a chemical agent into the water supplies of Wehra, effectively poisoning the entire nation.

4435 Nearly 3 years after the Great Collapse caused the loss of the majority of the world's technology, chaos sets in. The nations of Atox, Azatlan, Cadizaar, Fummo, Lyraek, and Vasy, are torn apart by civil wars. Columbius, Corvus, Ewlet, and Lyonn raid neighboring countries. The Free State of Alban wars internally. Enlabu and Kezula clash within the United Confederation of Free States. Kritos and Prian are founded. Le Grande Marche invades Wehra. The people of West Nipoch and Yntir rebel against the United Confederation of Free States and their own governments. The Great Desert suffers from wars amongst the raider city-states. Aegyptus thrives, thanks to the strong leadership of Faiza al-Bazzaz.

4436 Voyud convinces the United Confederation of Free States to punish Sylvera for unlawful use of psi. The Faceless Ones that have been plaguing humanity for generations are revealed to have been merely scouts when the full invasion force arrives. The Faceless One invasion attacks the Great Desert, the Inean Refuge, the Isles of Hexane, Kezula, Majij, Roku, and the Hinterlands. Shodani factions war over what to do with their surviving technology.

4437 The Faceless Ones test new biological weapons on the people of Chadan. D'Gran is overrun by human refugees. Laban is raided by a renegade band of Greys. Siloquin is hit by a plague of wildlings, beings of pure chaos. Ungre is raided by Voyud. An army of genetic creations from Ushi attack The Free State of Alban.

4438 Bavin rebels nearly topple the government. Corvus has a civil war. Vora is founded. The tribes of the Great Desert band together to declare war on Suludan.

4439 Empire finally joins the United Confederation of Free States. The people of Lyonn rebel against Calvin Hunter, reinstating Lorenzo Locke as their ruler. Oria is hit by scandal when Siloquin raiders discover a living Faceless One being held in a military instillation. Roku is invaded by the Felinus. Vasy and Vora are attacked by rogue androids. West Nipoch is hit by a rebellion, ending in many citizens defecting to East Nipoch.

4440 Neopoli, New Zodin, and Worit are founded. The settlement in the Northern Reaches forms a trade agreement with the Yikari Yak Men (7940 PF). Oria uncovers a document from Empire detailing a plan to destroy the United Confederation of Free States. Vicitius is attacked by Faceless One scouts. Raiders from the Great Desert successfully raid Aegyptian armories. Aegyptian government implements martial law to attempt to stop raids on armories. The corporations that once made up the corporate nations begin to regain their lost power.

4441 Brist is founded. Shodani rebels reveal the secret behind their protected technology. Yntir searches for the causes of the Great Collapse.

4442 Assaly is raided by Marcus Michaels's band of renegades. Chiran is invaded by the Proto. Osinth is founded. Exploration by the settlement in the Northern Reaches leads to the discovery of the "modern world" (7942 PF).

4443 Lyonn suffers when the Locke-ists rebel against the Hunter-ists. The kingdoms of the Wastes refuse to join the United Confederation of Free States.

4444 Doren is attacked by a Felinus royal hunting party.

4445 Haute sends a warship to attack the colonies, only recently discovered to have survived the Great Collapse.

Current Events of Note Future History