Flag: The flag is a rectangle with two stripes of green-brown and sky blue, and a diagonal cross of dark green in the upper left-hand corner. The emblem is an open eye and storm clouds.
Motto: Solidarity, Science, Insight





The Unala Pumox is worth 2 local units for 3 credits.






People of Note

Leaders (chronologically by term served)

Milosh Ijakovic (4440-4446) is the 24th Izabrani of Unala.

Other People of Importance

Bagaza Mohale was not a leader of his people, but is well regarded for his actions as an ambassador to other nations. Much of his work directly prevented many conflicts.


4040 Salaridan and Unala are founded.

4120 Kukali and Unala are struck by terrible floods.

4190 Asan and Unala become the breeding grounds for a surge of new cults and fringe religions.

4220 Unala starts up a colony on the moon Erebus.

4310 Unala has a war of succession.

4360 Unala opens up the first all-faiths house of worship outside of the Glorious Brotherhood.

4380 Bagaza Mohale shields Unala from the political machinations of the rest of the world.

4420 Unala nearly falls, due in part to the machinations of Sylvera and Voyud.

4423 Unala is ravaged by widespread fires.

4428 Unala, caught in a web of lies, suffers humiliation at the hands of Sylvera.

4434 Political refugees from Seker incite rebellions in Unala.

4440 Kier-na-Teg feuds with Unala.

Government Type: Democracy
Terran Naming Conventions: Serbian
National Language: Kelsh
Current Leader: Milosh Ijakovic (male)
Major Groups: ???
Key Locations: Lanu (capital)
Neighboring Nations: Empire
Civilization Traits of Unala
Space Sciences: Basic Astrogation (Space Physics)
Engineering Sciences Basic Mechanics, Steam Engines, Flood Control, Rails, Ships
Biological Sciences: Basic Anatomy, Animal Husbandry, Basic Microscopy, Cell Theory, Manufactured Drugs
Physical Sciences: Basic Electricity and Use, Periodic Table
Planetary Sciences: Basic Scientific Meteorology, Hydrologic Cycle, Wave/Tides motion
Psionics Sciences: Widespread acceptance and use, Extensive training
Magical Sciences: No Accomplishment
Social Sciences: Basic socioeconomic theory
Cultural Organization: Participatory Structure
Cultural Attitude: Coexistent only with equals