United Confederation of Free States

The United Confederation of Free States is an organization made up of many of the world's nations. They have the not-so-simple goal of keeping world peace. The member nations send representatives to the New Hope Islands to vote on pressing issues affecting the world as a whole. The UCFS sets world policy for topics ranging between what acts are permissable during or following a war, environmental policy, and crimes against sentient or non-sentient life. They also have limited control over magical and psychic laws, though those are more often handled by the Magic Corps or Seventh Body. With few exceptions, the UCFS will uphold the decisions of these other agencies.

The nations of the world are primarily divided into one of four categories when in refrence to the UCFS. The majority of nations of the world are members. A smaller number are the non-member nations who are in the process of petitioning for entry into the organization. There is a smaller number yet who have been cast out, or banned entry for the time being. Finally, the smallest set of nations which are merely not UCFS members for one reason or another.

Member Nations

The current member nations are: Aegyptus, Aigno, Albarz, Aria, Assaly, Atox, Azik, Bavin, Bryant, Cadizaar, Chiran, Columbius, Corech, Corvus, Dindraku, Dir'Akul, East Nipoch, Empire, Enlabu, Ewlet, Florent, Fummo, Glorious Brotherhood, Haute, Jiros, Katal, Kelshland, Kenam, Kezula, Kukali, Kunis, Laban, Lanaa, Lapisin, Le Grande Marche, Los Carnos, Lozzo, Luxor, Lyonn, Majij, Okadia, Ordan, Pasia, Schofenshire, Sebany, Seker, Silvervale, Suludan, Sylvera, Ta-Fir, The Hinterlands, Uik, Unala, Urusa, Ushi, Vasy, Veran wi-Dria, Voyud, Wehra, West Nipoch, Whitestone, and Yntir

Petitioning Nations

The following nations are petitioning for membership: Azatlan, Brist, Chadan, Fordu, Hollenstad, Isles of Hexane, Kritos, Neopoli, New Zodin, Northern Reaches, Oria, Osinth, Phyrri, Prian, Roku, Senoris, Siloquin, Tarax, Ungre, Vicitius, Vora, Worit, and Zuru

Non-Member Nations

Of the non-members, the nations of D'Gran, Etas, and Lyraek have never petitioned entry. Doren, after a number of rebellions and civil wars, withdrew from the UCFS so the government could focus on fixing their internal issues before attending to the rest of the world. The Free State of Alban was thrown out of the UCFS (along with Pasia and Urusa) for attacking the colony worlds. Of the trio, Alban was the only one to not rejoin. The final voluntary non-member is Shodan, which withdrew from the UCFS recently for unknown reasons of their own.

Banned Nations

Finally, the nations banned from the United Confederation of Free States. Aniria was removed for their underhanded tactic of using the Colonial Congress to gain an upper hand in the UCFS, then turning around and destorying their own lost offworld colonies. Asan was banned when the nation attempted to mailpulate the UCFS against the Isles of Hexane. Avalion was ousted when Roderick Doncaster's genetically altered, deadly flu ravaged many nations…all under the orders of the government. Heranis was kicked out of the UCFS during thier rivalry with Siloquin. The Inean Refuge was removed when they had an alliance with the Tiberon (now long since called off), a decision that is still hotly contested. Kier na Teg has been banned for the implication they had a hand in the creation of the VR Plague of 4250. Tripon's removal was due in part to the attempt they made to discredit other member nations, but is also due to their humanocentric philosophies and general xeno-prejudice. The Great Desert and the Wastes are banned from the UCFS simply because they are not officially recognized nations. All other pseudo-nations, such as the Yikari Tribes or the Dolphi City-States, are also currently not allowed entry due to their limited scope of power.