The planet is divided into seven continents: Bashira, Corvalis, Empire, Holaria, Khasma, Northern Reaches, and Rojan. These continents are separated by the five oceans of the world: Holerian, Northern, Atlantean, Yorimi, and the Ocean of Tyral. All of the continents, save the Northern Reaches, are subdivided into independent nations. In addition to the continents, there is a single cluster of islands that are considered unaffiliated with any of the other nations or continents of the world. This island cluster is known as the New Hope Islands, and is the home of the United Confederation of Free States.

Estimated Population: 71,795,490,000




Bashira is the smallest continent on the world. It is also the least influential of the continents. Bashira houses none of the major world powers.

The Ocean of Tyral borders this continent on the western and southern sides, the Atlantean Ocean on the eastern side. To the north lies the continent of Corvalis, separated from Bashira by the Azacor Strait.

The nations found on this land mass are Azatlan, Columbius, Etas, Kezula, Corech, Aniria, Dir'akul, Florent, Los Carnos, Ta-Fir, Kier na Teg, Wehra, Haute, Albarz, Phyrri, and Oria.



Corvalis is the second largest continent on the planet. It is, however, the most influential due to the presence of the nation of Corvus.

The continent is bordered on the west by the Ocean of Tyral, the north by the Northern Ocean, and the east by the Atlantean Ocean. To the south lies the continent of Bashira, with the Azacor Strait dividing the two continents.

The nations found here are Corvus, Worit, Majij, Pasia, Lapisin, Doren, Inean Refuge, Seker, Tripon, Enlabu, Veran Wi-Dria, Bavin, Fummo, and Ewlet.



Empire is the third largest continent on the planet. This continent was once completely under the control of the nation Empire, hence the shared names. Over the years, other nations have splintered off from the main, creating a fairly diverse landmass.

This continent is bordered to the north and west by the Northern Ocean, the Holerian Ocean to the south, and the Ocean of Tyral to the east.

The nations found here are Empire, Aria, Whitestone, Laban, Lanaa, Luxor, Vicitius, Unala, Siloquin, Dindraku, Heranis, Kenam, Okadia, The Free State of Alban, Bryant, Jiros, Isles of Hexane, Hollenstad, and New Zodin.



Holaria is a tiny, yet powerful continent. Being the home of Kelshland, as well as the general proximity to Empire, has given the nations of this continent a great boost in power (both economic and political).

Holaria is bordered by the Northern Ocean to the north, Yorimi Ocean to the west and south, and both the Holerian Ocean and Ocean of Tyral to the east.

The nations found here are Kelshland, Kukali, Sebany, Sylvera, Ordan, Le Grande Marche, Avalion, Vasy, East Nipoch, Lyraek, West Nipoch, Silvervale, and Schofenshire.



Khasma is the largest continent in the world, by a large margin. This continent houses both Aegyptus and the largest desert in the world.

Bordered to the north by the Northern Ocean, west by the Atlantean Ocean, with the south and east touching the Yorimi Ocean.

The nations of Aegyptus, Cadizaar, Uik, Azik, Great Desert, Urusa, Asan, Suludan, Voyud, Aigno, and Senoris are on this continent.

The Northern Reaches


The Northern Reaches are an enigma. On the one hand, this polar region is practically uninhabitable due to the extreme temperatures and dangerous native life. On the other hand, this continent houses the last true remnant of the Second Empire, and one of the new nations in the world left untouched by the Great Collapse.

The continent is bordered on all sides by the Northern Ocean.

This continent only houses the one nation, taking the same name as the continent itself.



Rojan is a very influential continent. On this small mass of land can be found the center of all the world's religions, the last bastion of technology to survive the Great Collapse (not counting the Northern Reaches), and a wasteland that has proved to be beyond even the greatest attempts to populate it.

The Yorimi Ocean surrounds this continent, with only the Ocean of Tyral on the east breaking the circle.

The nations of Shodan, The Wastes, Roku, Glorious Brotherhood, Yntir, Zuru, Lozzo, D'Gran, Ushi, Kunis, The Hinterlands, Chiran, Lyonn, Atox, Assaly, Katal, Fordu, Chadan, Ungre, Tarax, Prian, Kritos, Vora, Neopoli, Brist, and Osinth are found here.


  • Atlantean
  • Holerian
  • Northern
  • The Ocean of Tyral
  • Yorimi