World War III

The exact dates affiliated with the last Terran war are vague, to say the least. After tens of thousands of years, and countless other events of importance, much of human history before (and even during in some cases) the Exodus have been lost. What follows is a general reconstruction of what historians think happened to force humanity off the planet they once called home.

It all started quietly enough in the mid-22 century. Some little country in the middle of nowhere was found to be rich in some resource the rest of the world needed. The world's most influential governments each laid claim to the resources. The United Nations stepped in to mediate. Talk turned to arguing, arguing turned to fighting, and fighting turned to war.

The major world powers had hit the breaking point, and soon the entire world as humanity knew it would end.

First came the "preemptive strikes" with nuclear weapons. Luckily, most of these were intercepted and neutralized before any real damage was done. Next came the biological warfare, causing hundreds of deaths of innocents for every soldier killed. Following that event came food shortages, along with the usual riots, raids, and looting.

About six years or so into the war a new type of soldier appeared. The manufactured one. Using genetics, military scientists were able to create half man half animal abominations. These were to replace many of the soldiers on the front lines of the war. They were a great success, for about 2 years. That was when they realized that they were not being given the same treatment as the human soldiers. So they rebelled and left the war. The genetic soldiers, now calling themselves Neohumans, waged a war of their own. They would raid weapon depots and supply stations. The Neohuman rebels would strike at any side of the war that they could. The war got more ugly.

About thirty-one years into the war, there was no part of the world that had not become a part of the fight. Battles were being fought in every country, on every continent in the world. A group of scientists realized that humanity was in the process of destroying itself. They concluded that something had to be done. By the end of that year, a plan had been implemented.

Hidden away from the major war zones, 13 space ships were being fashioned to carry a select few people off the planet. These ships were designed to be self sufficient, able to generate oxygen, food, and water for an indefinite period of time. The ships were finished, and summarily abandoned, by the fourty-sixth year of the war (fifteen years after the initial plan had been formed).

It was in the forty-eighth year of the war that the world truly ended. It was that year that the Neohumans staged their final, and most effective attack. Before this date, all their attacks had been more of an inconvenience, but this attack was different. Within what is estimated to be around a half hour time frame, over half of the world's governments were toppled. Within the next three days, the rest of them followed. In the weeks following the attacks, the remaining humans were rounded up and enslaved. By the beginning year 50 of the war effort, humanity no longer ruled any part of the earth.

The final year of the war, 55 years in, things changed for the better for humankind. A few of the scientists who had started the project to save humanity from itself were able to stage a rebellion, with a little help from some ex-soldiers. Amazingly, the Neohumans never discovered the ships. Even more amazing was the fact that they worked.

So, thirteen thousand humans left the planet their entire race had known as home in search of a new destiny.